13th Amendment keeps us slaves and prisoners

By: Mr. Allen Etienne
Angola, LA

Dear Editor,

To the people over the world, the majority of what you read is only the rehearsements from what I’ve read and with my ability I quote on my own…

The 14th Amendment of the Constitution of United States made us “Lawful Captives” for it states “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. You thought that the 13th Amendment ended “Slavery”, but the wording was so deceitful: “Neither slavery nor involuntarily servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction. “

Anything you do today they love calling it a felony then they can enslave you lawfully. The motive of the idea was to still hold us Black people still in slavery, you get a scale threw the nation of the United States it would rank highest of the Black culture still stand. Pay attention on the television, what culture you see in Africa suffers with H.I.V or those who have passed away by not having enough food.

A few years ago it’s reported Baton Rouge was ranked number one for H.I.V virus and New Orleans is rank number three. What culture today is going to prison with a life sentence than any other culture? We aren’t the enemy my brothers and sisters it’s those who’s using their unrighteous mind despite what culture. It’s common fact that the African Americans are looked as arrogant, ignorant wicked people. We have lost our unity; we fight to kill our own dignity.

White Supremacy has overruled the minds of millions of the Black culture. I am not hateful of the White unrighteous power it’s much acceptance by not standing our grounds. Brothers and sisters let’s put away the excuses to make your role in positive directions. It’s time to raise your thinking ability and do, achieve positive directions. How I or you turn toward positivity yet we stray to listen or to indulge in foolishness that either lead to prison or death. Let’s rise with dignity to demand our respect upon righteous deed of mind. Do not mislead it’s all a choice which you or I choose.

Those of whom I remembered that traveled in darkness isn’t living in society today. This isn’t about dominion of the Black culture controlling no one, it’s the chain of unity that need rekindled not to take another person life.

Much manipulation has weakened the morals of respect, brothers and sisters don’t be confused, you are strong and brave. For I have seen I am not a stranger it’s to reframe from acting and speaking deeds of unrighteous, that’s a task the majority can’t man up to acknowledge. Before we acknowledge our wrongs we point fingers at everything else but ourselves. We need to fix self and strive higher and support those who are on that same path. I do understand you have people who doesn’t care or just given up. As the person that I am I hope greatness and growth of trust come more forward to our black culture. Black Does Matter!