A dirge for Rev. Richard Mock, Jr. (one of my many adopted children)

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

Scripture: Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. (Psalm 116:15 KJV}

Dear Richard, having known you since you were enrolled in my 4th-grade class at Monroe Colored High School, it is a very difficult “pill” to swallow after being informed of your recent demise. Even though many of my former students are deceased, it’s very difficult to accept their demise, also.

During your earlier years, your family moved into a home less than one block from the home in which God permits me to live.

As a child, you were a very kind, considerate, polite, mannerable, academically sound, industrious person, and continued to display those same qualities as an adult. You were reared in your grandmother’s Christian dominated home which helped to mold and propel you into the Ministries of Jesus Christ. In fact, your demise occurred while you were on your assigned “post” in your God-given office where you served as Director of the Usher Ministries at the Cathedral of Faith, San Jose, CA. In fact, you were sitting in your assigned office while packing your belongings to move to another office located within the church when God chose to guide you to your “rest” until His Son, Jesus Christ, returns for all of us, His children. What a blessing to be called while serving on your God assigned post!

You also had a very vibrant Prison Ministry which you took very seriously, as well as ministering to others when made aware of their needs.
While I was in ICU, you sent me lovely yellow roses, my favorite flowers, in order to encourage me not to “give up”.

Due to God’s grace and mercy, you often budgeted your busy time to assist me in what I categorize as “God’s Bed Ministries” during which, even though after ICU, CCU, Life Support, Nursing Home “stints”, and my burial preparations made, I was able to send to you and others encouraging messages. Because of God’s grace and mercy, that Ministry is alive and well!

During your visits to Monroe, you always took several of us out dining in restaurants of our choice. Many times, you came to show love, respect, and remembrances to your now deceased loved ones by placing flowers on their graves.

During this past Carroll High School combined Class Reunion, you, among others, visited me at my bedside, and as usual, encouraged me to continue to “prayerfully hang in there”. I encouraged you to do the same.

I will never forget our last communication, not knowing it would be so… You texted me requesting prayers while on your way to a veteran’s health care facility. Afterwards, on your way home, you let me know you felt somewhat better. But God…

Don’t really know when but pray to see you and other loved ones in eternity! Miss You!! Love you much!!!

Jacquelyn Simmons