After paying nearly $900,000 for arena studies, city still empty handed

The City of Monroe has spent nearly $900,000 since 2013 studying whether or not building a new arena in Monroe is feasible.
The construction of a new civic arena was the centerpiece of the Mayo Administration, but as a new administration begins, the city has very little to show for its expenditures.

             William McElroy

In 2013 the city contracted with M3A Architecture of Jackson, Mississippi to study the feasibility of building the arena. William McElroy, a Monroe native, is the president of M3A Architecture.

The study, which began in January of 2013 complete in April of 2014. The 15-month study concluded that the city’s population and economic basis would make building and supporting a new arena difficult.

That study cost the city, $97,518.20. It was paid in four installments: January 22, 2013, $31,730; March 28, 2013, $31.635; Ju…


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