All good things must come to an end

By: Cadence Wright

My Seventh Grade year has ended and I had great first year in Junior High. I’m glad that school is over, but I still miss my friends. This is the first year I made very good friends. We exchanged phoned numbers and promised to stay in touch over the summer. Slidell Junior High had a lot of parades, events, and exciting opportunities. However, there were things I couldn’t participate in because I wasn’t old enough. Next year I go to 8th grade and it will be like being a Senior in Junior High. I’ll get to be included in many more of the school’s activities.

At our school, we have something called a Renaissance Treat. It’s a reward for earning good grades and being good at school. We have a pep rally where they give away prizes if you have good behavior and you’re active in school. You have to be in clubs, sports, or band. They give away Chromebooks, chairs, TVs, and shirts. It’s hard to get anything if you don’t have good grades or if you’re not active in anything. I only won a shirt but some kids didn’t get anything at all. Next year it is my goal to be a little more active. My dad is always saying we need to be more aggressive.

I had seven classes PE, Science, Keyboarding, ELA for 2 hours, Math, then History. My favorite class was History because I know a lot of it and it was easy. History is one of those classes where all you really have to do is listen in class and make good notes. I liked some teachers but there were a few that I didn’t like so much. I think teachers have to make the lesson interesting.

Nobody wants to sit in a class and listen to a robot for an hour. The teacher has to liven it up and make us want to learn. Not many teachers do this well anymore. My least favorite class was Science because I am terrible at it.

At our school, we have a lot of different sports. We have girls and boys basketball, girls and boys baseball, and more. Last year the girls basketball team were undefeated and they won a championship. They even beat the boys basketball team. My favorite game was when the teachers played the basketball team. Our football team won a championship and they were undefeated this season also. The basketball and football teams are my favorite because I understand the game. When you live in a house with a dad who is a sports fanatic you can’t help but understand the game, especially football.

Even though school is over I am going to do a few more projects over the Summer so I will still be somewhat in learning mode when school begins in August. I will be attending a Summer History Trip with the Boy Scouts and my family is going to Florida this Summer. No matter where I am though I can talk to my friends and keep up with everything going on back in South Louisiana. The Summer goes by so fast it seems I forget my birthday is also in June! I will officially be a teenager this year.

I had fun being a 7th grader but now I’m in 8th grade. This year I hope I get good teachers and they don’t give homework. Next year I am going to try out for the basketball team. I hope we go to the championship and win it too. I want to be more active in school activities and try some new things. It is my goal to shoot for all A’s next year. It’s time I start getting serious about my path to attend Southern University and become an Engineer. Even though all good things come to an end it just means new things are beginning.