America has some very talented people

By: Cadence Wright

America’s Got Talent is a show I have been watching for a few weeks. I think the show has so many interesting talents that will amaze you. Usually people only assume talent is singing and dancing but what makes this show great is that they show you many kinds of talent. They have painters, singers, dancers, acrobats, comedians, musicians, and even magicians on the show.

The way they have their building set is amazing. Back stage is a big AGT sign that lights up. People from all over the world come there to show their talents.

The judges are funny and they tell the truth about everything. I think Simon is my favorite because he gives the best advice to the contestants. Sometimes, people get mad when Simon tells people the truth. “If you can’t sing, you just can’t sing!” Howie is a test dummy. I believe he is only on the show to make people boo him but he gives the crowd a good laugh. Mel B is just excited about the acts. She may not be too smart because she uses the same words a lot. Heidi tries to be fair with everyone and give people a chance.

Some of the people on the show are scary. They put themselves in weird costumes or do very dangerous tricks. The dangerous ones are the best to me because you don’t expect people to do some of the stunts they do and survive. In one episode a contestant had Howie on the ground with his legs and arms spread out. A man on a dirt bike tried not to land on Howie.

They sing all kind of songs. Kids my age get on there and they are really talented. Some of the kids are better than the adults. The singers sing with a meaning. They just want people to know who they are. I really like it when the singers forget the words. I know I’m not supposed to laugh but it is funny. You had all the time in the world to practice and get ready. Then, you get on national tv and forget the words. I don’t care what no one says. That stuff is hilarious!

Some of my favorite parts on the show are when the contestants fight their partner on stage. On one episode a girl tried to blow herself up. A group of people did an act where they spit in each other’s mouth. My mom almost threw up because she was eating when they did it. One of the comedians were mean in one episode. He made fun of the judges. The audience didn’t like him too much.

The people who do the lights are good. Sometimes, that’s the best part of the show. The judges have the hardest job because they have to be careful of what they say to the crazy people. Some of the contestants can kill or hurt themselves doing their act but the people who do the acts are talented and confident in themselves.