Angola inmate claims he’s innocent of rape charges

Angola inmate claims he’s innocent of rape charges

Dear Editor,

By the way I am unaware of the Louisiana’s law, it’s way over looked upon my behalf. I read the Free Press of July 7, 2018 in the concerns of Mr. Gerald Manning. I am convicted for forcible rape. December 13, 2011 I met a white female near by the Iberville Housing Project in New Orleans. In that area you will have drug dealers, users or prostitutes of all culture.

The agreement was satisfied to give $30.00 for one sexual pleasure. The female allowed me to enter her vehicle; she drove to a local store to where I acknowledge drug-dealers. The female used a Marlboro Light cigarette taking out the tobacco with little left in it. After she laced her cigarette she borrowed my cigarette to light the one she had. However she drove to the location which was “Hunter Field playground”. There is a spot what I learned since my incarceration, “The Duck Off”. The female pulled down her jeans and sexual activity happened. I didn’t exit fast enough which made my D.N.A. fall in her vaginal area.

I repeated to the female of what happened, it was clear she stated she wanted more money in which $30.00 was all I had. After hearing the female fuss I decided to leave. As I approached in my direction there was a Spanish guy, two A.A. females, one A.A. male, they wasn’t together just in the area. I passed the A.A. male, he quoted a sexual favor implying toward the female. I can’t say what happened because I was gone. The female knows me by the name “Steve”, but my name Etienne it means “Steven” in France as a first name. December 13, 2011 it’s reported the female was beat and raped, she refused medical treatments by E.M.T. December 14, 2011 the victim wanted to follow up with the investigation, doing the interview with N.O.P.D Detective Derrick Williams; the victim never once said “Steve raped me”! The victim didn’t explain the full true story perhaps by her being involved with an A.A. male she didn’t need to expose the truth.

February 3, 2012 a CODIS match revealed “Allen Darrel Etienne”, the detective called to ask if she know such person which was “No”! In addition my D.N.A. is 16/22 (both parents) it’s discovered on the female rectal area 19.9.3 (seminal fluid)… It’s quoted by D.N.A. expert that semen or seminal fluid comes from a man’s penis, the 19.9.3 isn’t Mr. Etienne. It’s also stated the semen was so little they couldn’t get a graphic who the person is “Inconclusive”! Now I’m convicted of circumstances only to please the court. I have newspaper clippings of the lead Detective Derrick Williams who work on unit of “Sex Crimes” was caught up in illegal acts as a “Sex Crime Officer”.

I had three trials. The first one was a mistrial. The state lawyer lied saying I would kill him, by me expressing I studied Islam in Hunt prison year 2009. 2nd trial was a Hung-Jury, Counsel John T. Fuller, investigator Mr. Truvia, 3rd trial I had two new state lawyers which ended of verdict “Guilty”! I didn’t have the defense having a D.N.A. expert. The state lawyers aren’t knowledgeable as a D.N.A. expert, yet the state had their own D.N.A. expert.

The state was to grant the D.A. to use a 2002 AGG-Rape which was dismissed because there wasn’t any evidence to confirm a sexual assault happened. In addition concerning that the female (White female) never came forward to court year 2002 (other crimes)! I was painted to the jury I’m a rapist, the minds of the jury was inflame to make it believe the picture to be true.

My past convict was “Denied”; I’ve been on “Writ of Review” over two years and have not heard anything. I don’t have family support, both parents passed away. I am naive; I’m willing to fight for my freedom.

If there is someone who has a heart to only hear me, I believe matters will change.

Mr. Etienne