Art can make your life better

By: Cadence Wright

Some people think art is just drawings and paintings but art is expressed in many different ways. It’s any way people can express themselves. Some people do it through music. Poets express their feelings by writing poems to explain their views or what they are struggling with inside. Even fighting can be art. My favorite fighter is John Wick. He specializes in Martial Arts. He is almost like a poet too. If you mess with him he is going to express how he feels. You’re just going to be beat up very badly when he is done expressing himself!

Artists can use little things like back packs to show who you are and what you do. If you have a raggedy backpack, there’s probably nothing good in there. If you have an expensive backpack like Coach or Gucci, you probably care a lot about what you have in it because Coach makes the best leather. Sprayground is a brand that creates artistic backpacks. Some NFL players carry them. Alvin Kamara, who plays for the Saints, carries a Mardi Gras themed backpack made by Sprayground. On the back pack is Mardi Gras beads in purple and gold to represent New Orleans culture. Sprayground has a lot of different themed backpacks. In today’s time, backpacks are the most common artistic way kids express themself. Some kids even paint and design their own backpacks.

The way you have your hair can show a lot about you. Nowadays, people want designs and different types of hairstyles. Some people don’t care what their hair looks like to others. They like to be free and they don’t care what other people think about them. Some people color their hair because they want a certain hair color in their hair. They will even make their hair match their outfit. Sponging is a new artistic way of wearing your hair. You take a holed sponged and rub it over your hair and it makes your hair look naturally curly. Kids also like twists, cornrows, and dreads. You can get even more creative by putting designs on the side of your hair.

Musicians can change the world with their art. Its hard to even go through any day without hearing music. Some people listen to music to calm their nerves. My mom listens to Gospel in the morning to put a positive vibe into her day. My dad makes music and he has to creatively make the beats and also write words to go with it. Some people like songs that tell a story. Many Country songs are like that. It’s like listening but watching a movie in your head.

Hydro dipping is another way of art. All the kids are doing it now. You basically get an all white shoe and dip it in a bucket of mixed spray paint. When you pull the shoe out the white will be covered with different colors and it will appear as if the shoe was designed to look like that. I used to think art was just pictures, paintings, and music, but now I know it’s more than that. Even animation is an art because they are taking a picture in their mind and bringing it to life. That’s the new way kids are learning to make pictures. They even have videos to show you how to Hydro Dip and do basic Animation.

I like anything artistic. I especially like things that I can make at home. Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores. It is full of different ways you can make art. Everytime I walk in the store I see something new that I didn’t know you could do right in your own house. The more I grow up the more I realize we all have special interests. We just have to spend time getting better at it.