Art is all around us

By: Cadence Wright

One thing that makes the world beautiful and unique is Art. Some people think art is only painting, but there are many different forms of art. Art is the expression of human creativity and skill. That means anything you can make can be art. A sculpture is art. Even cooking can be an art. Knowing this I have come to realize everybody in the world has the ability to do some form of art.

Literary art is like a poem or a book. Langston Hughes is a Black man he wrote Black poems during the Harlem Renaissance. He wrote about the struggles Blacks faced during that time. He brought hope to Black people when they were being treated wrong. Writers create poems and stories from their imagination. That’s what make literary works an art. They get the freedom to write a poem to paint a picture or create a story just to teach a lesson.

On the food channel, there is a show called Cake Wars. They use things like fondant on the cake to make it look good. It’s a form of Culinary Art because it involves food made with a creative imagination. So they have to decorate the plate and the cake with exotic features to make their finished product stand out from the rest. Shows like this are very addictive because you can never imagine your food looking like a football field or looking like somebody’s actual face. Those people are very talented.

Martial Art has always been interesting to me. Bruce Lee was the best Martial Artist of all time. There are different types of Martial Arts. There is Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, and many others.

It’s art because you have to creatively control your body for each type of Martial Art. I use to watch some of Bruce Lee’s fighting on YouTube and my favorite one was Bruce Lee vs Ohara. At one time when I was smaller, I wanted to do Karate and my brother did too. We hardly ever see fighting as an art. Most times we call it a Sport. There are people who have mastered how to move, turn, and dodge so quickly that they are almost like birds in the air.

My family seems to be full of artists. My brother does art by painting and drawing. My mom makes food and she is always trying a new thing to make. My mom also creates jewelry with beads, shells, and pieces she gets from different stores on the internet. My dad writes stories and he has a new book called The People Next Door. He also does Spoken Word. He is a Literary Artist. My Paw Paw writes books and plays which makes him a Literary Artist as well. My Granny is a decorator. She decorates Christmas Trees and weddings and even Easter Baskets. She is an Interior Artist.

I haven’t really figured out what Art I create yet. I don’t sing. So, I’m not a Music Artist. I don’t decorate. I’m not an Interior Artist. The Karate phase faded out when I was a little boy. So, I’m not a Martial Artist. I don’t cook. I guess I’m not a Culinary Artist either. Right now I write articles for my Paw Paw’s newspaper, but I have started collecting Model Cars. I like to put them together and paint them. If there is an art for that then maybe I am a Vehicular Design Artist. I like the sound of that!