As police investigate life threats, Woods praises one of two perpetrators

 As the police and media dig into a report of public intimidation by two Monroe men, councilwoman Juanita Woods wants it all to go away.

  The controversy began last week when Monroe police began investigating a complaint filed by Charles Theus, former director of the Southside Economic Development District (SEDD), that two SEDD board members made threats against city council member Woods that he felt obligated to report because of the seriousness of the threats.

  Theus told police that two board members were extremely angry with Woods for appointing Tony Little to the board instead of their choice. Theus told police, one board member: Trevelyan “Trey” Brown, said he planned to put a $25,000 hit on Woods. The other, Marty Campbell, said he planned to “get her… I’ll slap a bitch,” Theus told police.

  Little reportedly told Woods of the threats which were reported to him as a board member by Theus. 

  On September 21st, Little and Woods set up a phone call so that Woods could hear directly from Theus what Campbell and Brown reportedly said.

  According to Theus, Woods…

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