Be grateful to God for what you do have

By: Lisa Wilmore

My Dear Friends,

It is always a blessing and a privilege to share with you what has been placed in my heart.

Amazingly, God positions people, thoughts, and perhaps events to help enlighten us on His awesomeness. In fact, I believe that he positioned a gentleman not only once, but also twice in my path for a purpose. The first encounter was in the Post Office, and the second was in a local fast-food restaurant. Given that this person did not reveal an outward appearance or status of a “well to do man”, one may think that he was a vagabond. Consequently, surrounded by several people, in the post office, I was the person he chose to help him address and stamp an envelope.

The second encounter happened most recently, while sitting in McDonald’s penning some biblical thoughts. The same gentleman showed up from out of nowhere and asked if he could have a seat where I was sitting. Of course, I said, “sure”, and gestured to the empty seat in front of me. At this point, I was not certain of his motive, but I found comfort in knowing that I was not in the facility alone.

With my computer and in positioned in front of me, our conversation began with him suggesting that my employer had me working on a Sunday. I shared with Him that I was actually writing about some thoughts God had given me for an article to be submitted to a local newspaper.

In reality, my desire was to find out what was his motive for wanting to sit at the table in my presence, and not others. So, in order to determine his motive, I said to him, “The Lord is so good”. He said to me, “Yes He is”. He further stated, “If you ask God for what you want, He will give it to you. We have not because we ask not.” Of course, he did not stop the conversation at that point. He proceeded to share how the Lord and blessed him and given him what he needs to survive in his lifetime. Regardless of what his outer appearance revealed, he had a grateful heart. He did not appear to have much, but he was grateful.

After our conversation ended, I was encouraged to be grateful to God for what I have and not worry about what I do not have. I am reminded that a grateful heart knows that God is our provider. He is the giver of good gifts. Ultimately, He gave us the BEST Gift ever, His Son Jesus the Christ and through Him we have eternal life. “Thank You God!”