Big cities & small towns

By: Cadence Wright

There are four cities I am guaranteed to see many times throughout the year. I will see Monroe, Shreveport, Dallas, and of course I will see New Orleans because that’s where I live. All four of these cities are different from each other. I call all four of them home and I know a lot about all of them. Shreveport is where I was born but New Orleans is where I have been since I was a baby. Dallas and Monroe are where my grandparents live and I visit them every summer. I notice some instant differences between big cities and small towns.

Monroe and Shreveport are small towns compared to Dallas and New Orleans. Small towns don’t have enough entertainment. It’s not much to do in the little cities and that can be frustrating. I’m not trying to say Monroe is a bad place to live. It’s not but people keep moving away because there is more to do in the bigger cities. Even though all cities have crime it seems like it stands out more in smaller cities. Shreveport and Monroe’s crime rate is too high for the cities to be so small. One good thing about living in small towns is they are supposed to be safer.

In bigger cities, it’s easier to make more money. Dallas has a lot of jobs and they pay good too. Better jobs with better pay make people not so concerned with doing crime. When I went to Miami all I saw was expensive cars and big houses. They can afford to buy those things in big cities because there are a lot of high paying jobs there. In smaller cities, it’s not that much money there.

In small towns it doesn’t matter where you go you will see somebody you know. If you go to Walmart you will see somebody from your church. If you go to the movies you will see somebody you go to school with. If you go to the mall you will see somebody you know from church. That part is good about small towns. You really do get to see the people you know a lot more. In big cities, there are so many people you can go days and not see anybody you know well. Larger cities are so spread that people usually stay in their own area of the city.

Bigger cities have more 5 star restaurants but big cities can miss on some good food like soul food that you can always find in small cities. Big cities have too much traffic. In small towns, you can get to everything quickly. When I am in Dallas there is always a wreck on the highway holding people up. When I am in New Orleans there is always traffic backed up. In Monroe or Shreveport, there is hardly any traffic backed up. Traffic makes you mad but you get use to it as time goes by.

Smaller cities need more special events. For example, Monroe just seen Alvin Kamara in person. In New Orleans, you can see him walking down the street all the time. In New Orleans, we have Jazz Fest, Essence, Bayou Classic, and French Quarter Fest. We have the Saints games and the Pelicans games too. My favorite festival is the crawfish festival. For the summer trip, we are going to Essence with the Boy Scouts. I’m glad I will get to show the good things about my city to my friends in Monroe. They are going to love New Orleans. We’re gonna have fun on the trip and we will get to see a lot of places.

In Dallas, there are a lot of malls and tall buildings. There is the Cowboys stadium, Six Flags, and more. They have a lot to do in Dallas and they have a lot of water parks. In small towns, you may not have a lot but you learn how to create fun for yourself. Sometimes, when I am in Monroe my granny will take us somewhere so we can swim. That’s just like being in a water park. In Monroe, my Uncle Kita takes us to the movie and other places so we can have fun while we are there.

There is poverty is some smaller cities and they need help. Big cities have poverty too. Especially in New Orleans because there are a lot of homeless people. Big cities are still making money from tourists. I think that most small cities don’t get attention. When most people think of Louisiana they think New Orleans but there are a lot of small towns in Louisiana that can be fun if you give them a chance.