Black Creative Circle proudly presents: Black Creatives Today

Introducing Black Creatives Today throughout the Northern Region of Louisiana

Monroe, LA: Black Creative Circle (the Circle) is pleased to present BLACK CREATIVES TODAY, a group exhibition at The PALACE (220 DeSiard St.) in downtown Monroe, LA. The show will take place during the Downtown Gallery Crawl, 5-9 pm on February 6th. The downtown event is family-friendly and free to attend. Guests can purchase art pieces or services from an exhibiting creative of Black Creative Circle.

This assembly of creatives represents a small portion of the developing Circle. The creatives voluntarily participated in the debut exhibition, Black Creatives Today, featuring works that visualize the various mediums and artists that form Black Creative Circle. Many of the creatives will give artist talks, explain the inspiration and technique used for their creations as well as discuss their purpose for joining Black Creative Circle.

Guests can anticipate intriguing conversation, live music, showcases by exhibiting Circle members, and information on joining Black Creative Circle.

Black Creative Circle is an artist think tank designed to nurture, encourage, and discuss art-related issues with North Louisiana amongst artisans from the African Diaspora.

“Creative folks have to be able to imagine what change looks like before change can become a reality,” said Vitus Shell.

The art group encompasses animators, cartoonists, designers, filmmakers, graphic designers, illustrators, painters, photographers, printmakers, poets, orators, screenwriters, sculptors, stylists, writers, and more.

In addition to being an essential part of the North Louisiana Creative Community by implementing initiatives, workshops, and events, Black Creative Circle amplifies and widens the reach of information and opportunities that the average and novice black creative would not receive.

“People talk about wanting change within the creative industry but aren’t doing the work to be the change nor providing solutions to those unfulfilled needs,” said Benicia King

For the majority of creatives within Black Creative Circle, the Circle provides a means to prioritize their concerns, provide resources to elevate their work to a new level, gain confidence and pride, as well as network.

“Black Creative Circle is here to provide a solution to this creative desert we live in but to also inspire others to take the initiative in developing and constructing other solutions they may need that we may not be aware of,” she said.

In association with Black Creative Circle, members are encouraged to inform their audiences and community about the work of the Circle using their platforms to highlight Black Creative Circle projects and events.

To stay up to date with Black Creative Circle, follow the Circle on social media (Instagram and Facebook) and join the private Facebook group.