Bolden five others make Big Name list for October 6.

Six gridiron favorites added to the Free Press “Big Name” list from Friday night high school play on October 6. Here are the six names for this week.

BIG NAME: West Monroe Quarterback Slade Bolden made the big name list again Friday night leading the Rebels to a 28-14 win over Ruston, Bolden added to 129 total yards of offense and three touchdowns to amazing records, proving why Alabama can’t wait until he arrives.

BIG NAME: Sterlington Running Back Luke Denmon was moved like a tornado on the ground, chewing up turf and gain ground on 12 carries for 112 and two touchdowns against Carroll on October 6. He grit and savvy on the field helped launch him into the Big Name list as Sterling defeated Carroll 36-26.

BIG NAME: West Monrootal touchdowns.e Senior linebacker J.B. Gullatt was a force to be reckoned with as Rams defeated Ruston 28-14.  He’s been helping the team win amazing tackles, three of which he displayed in spectacular style Friday night earning him a place on the Big Name list.

BIG NAME: West Monroe junior defensive tackle Dalvin Hutchinson often proves the old rule “offense sells the tickets, but defense wins the games” as he made a big name for himself and help the Rebels beat Ruston 28-14 by chalking up three tackles, each for losses. 

BIG NAME: Richwood senior wide receiver Basheen Hutcherson was all over the place Friday night when the Rams beat Union Parish 14-6. He snatched in a 32-yard touchdown pass and did the famous“Basheen Punt” again for 66 yards that was even better than his 54 “Basheen Punt ” against Bastrop. A touchdown pass and the “Basheen Punt” earned Hutcherson a place on the Big Name list.

BIG NAME: Richwood Senior Quarterback Joseph Smith led the Rams to victory by completing 8 of 15 passes for 145 yards with two touchdowns. Smith has been dazzling on the field in the QB slot, chalking up impressive victories for the rams and earning a spot on the Big Name list. On October 6 he brought the Smith show home to Richwood to chalk up a 14-6 homecoming win over Union Parish.

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