Booker T. Washington should never be forgotten

By: Cadence Wright

Booker T. Washington was born April 15, 1856 in Hale’s Ford Virginia. He died November 24, 1915. He was one of the first African-American leaders in the 19th and 20th centuries. He was best known as a Black educator. He is one of the founders of Tuskegee University. He was a leader to all Black people.

When he was 25 years old he was a slave and a principal to what became Tuskegee University. It must have been a hard life growing up as a slave. Slavery was tough for adults. I can only imagine how terrible it was for a kid. The fact that he was born into slavery and somehow overcame it tells you how strong and smart he was. When he died Tuskegee had 1,500 students.

Tuskegee is the only HBCU College that is a certified landmark in the world.

Booker T. Washington was born into slavery. He never knew the day, month, or year he was born. He also never knew his father. That must have been hard growing up without a dad. He had to teach himself to read and put himself in school. Today we have technology to keep important dates for us so that we never forget them. During his time they didn’t have these things.

Booker T. Washington died of high blood pressure. I think Tuskegee is his greatest accomplishment. His house is on the Tuskegee campus. You can actually walk through his home and see how he and his kids used to live. The students at Tuskegee hold the keys to a lot of Black History.

In many cities around the country they have neighborhoods and streets named after Booker T. Washington. I think they do this so his life will never be forgotten. A lot of Black History is not taught in schools but when we study what many great people have done we get to learn how brilliant we are as a race of people. Booker T. Washington was an inspiration to young Black boys and girls all over the country. His legacy is an important part of our History.