Charles Thomas fired as Civic Center Director?

“It’s Political” comment to one customer may have sparked city hall push to oust one of the mayor’s most loyal supporters and employees.

  Charles Thomas, director of the Monroe Civic Center, is waiting on the outcome of an administrative hearing held Monday to determine whether he will continue as director of the Monroe Civic Center.

  Thomas, director of the Civic Center since 2012, is being accused of violating city policy regarding giving credits to Civic Center customers.

   Last week he was escorted off the job by city marshals.

   It was originally reported that Thomas was fired, but he was placed on paid administrative leave while the city investigates accusations that he violated city policies by giving credits to some civic center patrons valued at thousands of dollars.

   Last week Thomas told the Free Press that he has been in the crosshairs of the city officials since Robert Johnson became director of Community Affairs.

   He said, however, that Johnson was a team player who probably is taking action against him on orders from above.

  Until recently, Thomas was considered one of the mayor’s top supporters, what could have changed his staff so fast?

  One of the complaints filed against Thomas regarded a booking for a local dance company that was overridden by Mayor Jamie Mayo. While resolving that complaint he told the client that part of the problem was “political.”

  Carolyn McClinton of Carolyn’s Danceland, said she has a standing booking date for a week in June for the next three years at the Civic Center. However, this year,…….


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