City revokes K9’s Club license over outside violence, after awarding him for trying to stop violence

 Tyrone Dickens, known as K-9, has been praised by the City of Monroe for his efforts to curb violence in the Monroe community, but Tuesday night the Monroe City Council voted to deny a liquor license to a club he manages because of excessive violence outside of the club.

  Dickens received a standing ovation in January as the mayor and city council brought him to the Monroe Civic Center stage for honors at the city’s Martin Luther King program. He was praised for his grassroots work to encourage non-violence to young people. He was presented the B.D. Robinson Unity Award by the City of Monroe.

  Fast forward 10 months to Tuesday night and four of five city council members voted to deny the Class F liquor license to Club Nuvo, at 109 Catalpa Street, where Dickens is the manager. It will, in effect, result in the closing the club although owners say they will still try to operate.

  Dickens was stunned by the denial and took to social media to


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