College is the next big step

By Valaysia L. Smith
Teen Columnist

So naturally college is the next big step after high school. Some tend to skip college despite its benefits, others attend it for jobs they really want, but what many probably don’t know is that if you don’t have a perfect SAT or ACT score then a good majority of the colleges won’t take/accept you. As crazy as that may sound, it’s the truth. If you don’t know what SAT is (which I’m pretty sure you do) SAT is where you’re tested on the following: Reading, Writing, Language, Math, and Essays. They basically test you to see where your academic skills are at to show your worth including the ability to proofread and reading comprehension. ACT on the other hand is known to be a thirty five (35) minute reading test, forty five (45) minute English test, sixty (60) minute math test, and of course thirty five (35) minute science test. In total it’s a test that lasts for possibly two hours give or take.

As you know sleep is probably a rare thing when living in a college life due to studying to keep grades up enough to graduate successfully. Meanwhile I’m sure there’s also the kids that don’t take studying seriously and often go to parties. A disappointment when your money is going to their education, not their fun right? Sometimes I wonder how they manage to pass, other times I simply do not care as long as it’s not affecting me, my grades, or messing with me in general. I mean some kids may go to a party and study, meanwhile I’m sure there will almost always be a small crew that intends to do nothing but study and be left alone. The ones that prefer to be left alone to study are probably the most reliable person you could ever be friends with since they do sometimes let other people study alongside them. Think of it more as a team effort kind of thing because we all want to pass and succeed.

College is a big thing but it’s also life changing for the body as well. A few tips from former students that I have been given has been. 1) Don’t continue wearing sweatpants. You could eat numerous things while you’re studying or going about life on the campus and you’d never know the weight that you’ve been gaining. Wear jeans instead. 2) Always backup your files. Computers will stab you in the back just as hard as your friends would. It would/will be dreadful if your computer decides to play hooky and erases nearly everything you’ve written up for an assignment. Those are the two tips I’ve received still waiting to put into use and I hope it helps others out if they didn’t already have those in mind. If you have any other good useful facts for college, go ahead and tell someone that could use it. If they don’t thank you immediately (which they should) they’ll thank you after they put it into use and see how much it truly meant.