Commander gives update on American Legion F.D. Thompson Post 521

It has been sixty days since my installation as Commander of this great Post and I wish to report that all is well with the help of my comrades. Some have tried to sabotage our efforts but we agreed that all we do would be for God and country and we have stood united that nothing would stop what we plan to do for this community, state and even on the national front.

Presently we are saluting our Purple Heart recipients. A Purple Heart means, that you fought in one of the wars and that you were wounded in some fashion. Some of our recipients lost a leg, an eye, fingers, and toes and even today ache from the pains of war.

Our list is not all conclusive but here are a few that you might know; Fred McHenry, Charles “Joe” Moore, Charles Braston, Charles Grayson, Larry McGinnis, Donnyea, Rev. John Sewell, Eugene Hester, Thomas Manning, and Zaphrey Westbrooks to name a few. August 7, 2017 was Purple Heart Day, we hope all who know them and their families give them a special “thanks” for the service they gave this country!

And pray for the dead who gave it their ALL!

For the next sixty days we will be concentrating on our youth and membership. You can help me by the paying of your dues. Your dues go a long way in helping those young men and women who stand in harm’s way for our freedom. Your dues help other Legionnaires in times of national disasters or state wide issues. So you see your dues are more than a pass to the weekend dances that are sponsored for you. But this is nothing to most of you because you receive the newspapers sent from national and the state.

Our meeting days still remain the first and third Sundays of each month at 4 p.m. or 1600 hours. I look favorable towards your presence at our meetings. Until then I shall remain

Your Commander,
Abraham “Jack” Henderson Jr.