Council votes to give $2.5 million towards Echols’ downtown hotel

In a divided vote, the Monroe City Council voted Tuesday night to make a $2.5 million loan to Rep. Micheal Echols to help him develop a hotel downtown.

The vote gives Echols the green light to pursue a $31.3 million loan that will be supported in part by the City of Monroe to build a privately owned Hilton Hotel downtown.

District 5 Rep. Kema Dawson-Robinson, broke ranks with other Southside representatives, and voted with Northside council members to make the public funds available for Echol’s private business venture.

Dawson-Robinson broke with Southside

Southside council members Juanita Woods and Corday Marshall voted against the proposal voicing the concerns of their district and unanswered questions.

Dawson-Robinson, Doug Harvey, and Gretchen Ezernak voted for the measure. Dawson-Robinson was…

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