Criminal Activitiy October 11-15, 2017

Man steals over $1,000 worth of merchandise from Wal-Mart

Zachary W. Allen

On Thursday, October, 12, 2017, according to the official report, a West Monroe Police officer was dispatched to 1025 Glenwood Drive (Wal-Mart) in reference to a shoplifting complaint. Prior to the officer’s arrival, the officer was advised that a white male was inside of the store and was the suspect of several thefts from the location in the past two weeks. Wal-Mart employees advised the thefts totaled over $1,000 worth of merchandise. Upon the officer’s arrival, the officer made contact with the suspect, Zachary Allen, who had concealed two cans of spray paint in his backpack and was in the process of removing a speaker from its package. Allen advised he intended on stealing the speaker along with two cans of spray paint. Allen admitted to stealing over $1,000 of merchandise from Wal-Mart in the past two weeks. In Allen’s possession, the officer located a plastic baggie which contained less than a gram of methamphetamine. Allen advised the methamphetamine belonged to him. The officer placed him under arrest, and transported him to OCC where he was booked for the charges.

Three arrested on contraband charges

Akili E. Bailey

On Sunday, October 15, 2017, according to an official report, three Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputies were dispatched to a contraband complaint at Richwood Correctional Center. Upon arrival a deputy spoke with the shift supervisor who advised an inmate, Rashon Smith was found in possession of 26 grams of a green leafy substance (suspected synthetic canabinoid), during a visitation session. The supervisor advised Smith was being visited by two relatives, Akili Bailey and Rashad Brown. The supervisor advised that the commanding officer noticed furtive movements by Smith, Bailey, and Brown, and investigated the matter and found Smith in possession of the leafy substance, wrapped in plastic. He advised Brown and Bailey were detained until the deputies’ arrival. The deputies located Smith and Bailey on the scene. They were advised of their Miranda Rights by a deputy and separated for questioning.
Two deputies questioned Brown; he also advised he had no knowledge of the substance in Smith’s possession. A deputy was led in the facility and viewed the camera footage of the visitation. The deputy observed Brown and Bailey sitting at the same table as Smith. From 1329 hours to 1335 hours (by the video clock), the deputy observed Brown appear to push an item down and out of his right pants leg. He then passed the item to Bailey, who held it in his lap, then appeared to throw the item under the table or onto an adjacent chair near Smith. The deputy observed Smith grab the item from the chair, place it in his right hand, where it was later found by the commanding officer.
Brown and Bailey were placed under arrest and detained in police vehicles. Smith was being held in the booking area of the facility. The deputies made contact with him and advised him of his Miranda Rights. Smith advised the drop of the substance was not prearranged, but was a surprise to him. He advised Brown found the substance under another table and gave it to him. He made no further statements. The deputy collected the substance as evidence. Smith was placed under arrest and transported to OCC with Brown and Bailey.

Woman arrested after driving while impaired by drugs

Crystal G. Browder

On Wednesday, October 11, 2017, according to the official report, a Louisiana State Police officer observed a green Ford Ranger constantly drifting left of the center and then back onto the westbound lane of Arkansas Road. The Ford turned on its left signal then its right and made a right turn onto Forty Oaks Farm Road going left of the center and its turn signals continued to activate. The officer stopped the Ranger in the parking lot on the corner and contacted the driver/owner Crystal Gale Browder. Browder was constantly moving, swaying, had body tremors, had low slurred speech at times and dilated pupils. She had a gun box on the floor board and she was a convicted felon. She consented to a search of the Ranger and the officer found; two clear plastic bags with white crystal and powder substance in them, one clear plastic bag with one rectangular pill with four equal sections, and one spoon with a white substance burnt onto the center of the spoon.
There were also 16 syringes with the substances. Some were used and some were not. Browder showed to be too impaired to operate a motor vehicle safely. The officer placed her under arrest and transported her to OCC. Browder refused the chemical tests. Field tests on the substance in the spoon indicated it was positive for methamphetamines.

Man charged with domestic abuse battery

August K. Davis, III

On Thursday, October 12, 2017, according to an official report, a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy responded to 663 Ford Lane in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with the arrestee and victim inside the residence. The arrestee was lying on top of the victim holding her down. After separating the victim and the arrestee, the deputy obtained the victim’s testimony. The victim advised she and the arrestee had been involved in a verbal disturbance which turned physical. The victim stated arrestee struck her several times in the face with an open and closed fist.
While speaking to the victim, the deputy observed her left eye to be red and swollen. The victim also had red marks on her arms. After speaking with the victim, the deputy spoke with the arrestee’s grandmother and aunt who were at the residence during the altercation.The grandmother and aunt both advised they witnessed the arrestee strike the victim. The deputy then made contact with the arrestee and advised him of his rights per Miranda, to which he stated he understood. In a post Miranda interview, the arrestee stated he did not strike the victim at anytime during the altercation. The arrestee also stated he was holding the victim down when the deputy arrived because he didn’t want her to leave. The arrestee was then secured in handcuffs and transported to OCC, where he was booked on the charges.

Battery of a police officer lands man in jail

Diante D. Davis

On Friday, October 13, 2017, according to the official report, two Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputies were dispatched to a residence in reference to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival the deputies located the arrestee standing in the driveway of the residence. Upon initial contact with the arrestee, a deputy observed him to be very unsteady on his feet, his speech slurred and red watery eyes. The deputy also detected the strong odor commonly associated with an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath and person.
Upon seeing the deputies entering the driveway, the arrestee became very irate and began loudly stating he did nothing wrong and that the victim had pushed him first. The victim who had walked away from the residence, then walked into the driveway, at which time the arrestee became extremely irate. While continuously yelling and causing a verbal disturbance, he attempted to walk towards the victim. The arrestee was then advised to place his hands behind his back due to him not complying with the deputies’ orders. While placing the arrestee’s hands behind his back, he pulled away, and turning pushed one of the deputies in the chest area.
The arrestee was then assisted to the ground and placed in handcuffs. While placing the arrestee in the back of the patrol unit, he continued to resist and struck another deputy in the mouth with his left elbow. The deputy then made contact with the victim, who advised the arrestee, his stepson, came home intoxicated. He advised the arrestee engaged in a verbal altercation, over the arrestee being intoxicated. He advised the arrestee pushed him in the chest causing him to fall into a bookshelf. The deputy then observed no visible injuries to the victim. The officer did observe the bookshelf in the room in disarray and a jewelry box lying on the floor. The deputy then re-contacted the arrestee in the back of the patrol car and he was advised of his rights per Miranda which he stated he understood. He admitted post Miranda to pushing the victim during a verbal altercation. The arrestee was then transferred to OCC.

Man charged with drug possession after search warrant

Justin Gilbert

On Tuesday, October 10, 2017, according to an official report, while serving an arrest warrant at a residence, the arrestee ran out the back door. The arrestee was taken into custody it was found that the arrestee had warrants for his arrest. During a search of the arrestee a medium size bag of meth along with $325 of U.S. currency was found in his pants pocket. A search warrant was signed for the residence as well as for any vehicles on the property. The arrestee stated his was the white Chevrolet truck parked in the back. During a search of the vehicle a digital scale was found in the driver’s door and a drug ledger with what people owed him was found in the passenger seat in a bag. The arrestee was advised of his Miranda rights which he stated he understood and waived. The arrestee stated he did not know anything about the money or the meth found in his pocket. The arrestee was arrested, handcuffed behind his back and transported to OCC for booking. The digital scale, the way the meth was packaged, along with the denominations of the currency, and the drug ledger are all consistent with the sale of street level narcotics.

Convicted felon charged with possession of fire arm

Deandre L. Hampton

On Saturday, October 14, 2017, according to the official report, Monroe Police officers were dispatched to a residence in reference to a b/m possibly on PCP with a gun. Contact was made with the victim who said Deandre L. Hampton threatened her, her mother, and the neighbor with the gun. Hampton locked himself in his mother’s apt. alone. He was asked several times to open the door at Apt. 57, but he refused.
The officers could hear the apt. being torn apart and Hampton breaking the windows out. The manager was asked for the key to the apt. and the door was opened by officers. For the safety of the neighbors and the officers, the police dog was allowed to go in first. Hampton was found hiding in a bedroom but he still wouldn’t come out. The officer then went in and Hampton was handcuffed, advised of his Miranda Rights and checked for weapons. Hampton acted confused and appeared to have been drinking alcohol. The house was checked and the loaded Interim .38 Special was found in the ceiling. Hampton was found to be a convicted felon. He was then transported to OCC for booking.

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