Criminal Activity July 18-24, 2017

Man uses lanes improperly  and  has possession of marijuana Man uses lanes improperly  and  has possession of marijuana 

Charles R. Blair

On Tuesday, July 18, 2017, according to a Louisiana State Police officer, a officer was on patrol on Interstate 20 in Ouachita Parish. The officer observed a silver BMW traveling east bound around milepost 123. The vehicle moved from the right lane to the left lane without utilizing a signal. I initiated a traffic stop and the vehicle pulled onto the shoulder around milepost 124. I made contact with the driver who produced a Texas DL that identified him as Charles R. Blair. I advised Blair of the reason for the stop and asked about his travels. Blair said he was traveling from Katy, Texas to Montgomery, Alabama for work. He was unable to give the officer the name of the place he was going to work and appeared to be very nervous while talking to the officer. Based on his nervous behavior and out-of-the-way travel route, the officer became suspicious of his travel. The officer requested and was granted consent to search the vehicle. A manual search revealed approximately 12 pounds of marijuana concealed in natural voids in the undercarriage of the vehicle. Blair was arrested, advised of his rights per Miranda and transported to Troop F for interview by North District Narcotics agents. Upon completion of the interview, Blair was transported to Ouachita Correction Center for booking. His vehicle was secured at Troop F and the marijuana was secured by a North District Narcotics Agent.

Woman beats up boyfriend over his money

Brittany Carlysle

On July 23, 2017, according to a Monroe Police officer, a officer arrested Carlysle. The officer was dispatched to a residence where he was met by the victim who was outside of the residence waiting. He had blood dripping from his face with several puncture wounds on the back of his head and in his left ear. The victim stated that he and his live-in girlfriend, Carlysle, had been at Wal-Mart purchasing some items. He stated that when she discovered that he had $30.00 she took it from him. The two continued to verbally argue while traveling back to their residence. Once at the residence the victim changed to go to work the told Carlysle to return his money to him as he tossed her pocket-book to her. The victim stated Carlysle then jumped on his back and striking him in the face and head. The victim stated that he rammed Carlysle into the wall causing a hole in an effort to get her off of him. Carlysle then charged at the victim as pushed her again into the wall in an effort to get away. The victim then left the residence and called MPD. Carlysle was advised of her rights per Miranda. Carlysle stated that they had been arguing over money that she had taken from him. She stated when the victim was beginning to leave for work he told her to give his money back. She told him that the money was in the car at which point he threw her pocket-book at her and began pushing her against the wall. Carlyle stated the victim began to strangulate her and punched her in the side as he continued to push her into the wall. Carlysle advised the victim then went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife from the sink at which point she licked herself in the bedroom. Once she knew the victim was out of the house she went to the kitchen where she found the knife on the floor and placed it back into the sink. When asked why she moved the knife back to the sink she stated that she didn’t want him to frame her. There were no signs of scrapes, scratches, or bruising on Carlysle. Carlysle was arrested, placed into handcuffs, and transported to O.C.C. where she was booked in.

Subject jumps over levee wall “you caught me”

Godfrey L. Barrett Jr.

On July 19, 2017, according to a West Monroe Police officer, a officer was performing routine patrol when he observed a black male inside a blue Volvo at a parking garage. The subject exited the car and entered it again. The subject, later identified as Godfrey Barrett Jr., exited the car and jumped over the fence onto the rock levee wall. Subject was contacted and after the officer identified himself he stated “you caught me” and laid on the rocks. The officer advised Barrett of his Miranda Rights, which he stated he understood. Two officers arrived and secured Barrett in handcuffs. The victim stated Barrett did open compartments in the car and removed paperwork from the compartments but did not remove anything from the vehicle. A search of Barrett was performed and a glass smoking pipe was located in his sock on his right foot, which he stated he used to smoke “crack”. Barrett was arrested and later transported to OCC where he was booked.

Man is in possession of controlled dangerous substance

Arthur F. Carter III

On July 20, 2017, according to the MPD HEAT officer, the officer observed a white male later identified as Arthur Carter, III being escorted by wheelchair in the middle of the road in the way of ongoing traffic instead of the sidewalk which was provided. The officer made contact with Carter and advised him of his violation. While talking with Carter perceived to be extremely nervous (hands shaking with a verbal stutter). The officer asked Carter for identification in which he provided. MPD Dispatch confirmed Carter had an active warrant with the agency. Search incident to the arrest revealed a clear plastic bag with small glass fragments inside of it (suspected methamphetamine one gram). The plastic bag was concealed inside of a black pouch that was hanging from Carter’s neck. Carter was advised of his rights per Miranda in which he understood. The officer asked Carter, “What’s inside of his plastic bag?” Carter said it was methamphetamine. Carter was handcuffed, DLCFT, and transported to OCC.,Man beats girlfriend and strangles her until she couldn’t breathe On July 20, 2017, according to a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy, an anonymous complainant advised OPSO of a domestic disturbance that was occurring at a residence. Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with the victim who advised her and her live-in boyfriend of five years (arrestee) engaged in an altercation over her asking him to clean up dog feces off the floor. She advised things became physical when the arrestee punched her in the face with a closed fist, causing her lip to bleed, and strangled her. The victim stated after arrestee punched her, he grabbed her by the throat with his hands, and shoved her against the front door of their residence, strangling her.   She advised the arrestee then took her to the floor, continuing to strangling her to the point she could not breathe.The deputy observed the victim’s bottom lip had been bleeding and observed very light redness on the right side of the victim’s neck. The arrestee was immediately placed under arrest due to an outstanding warrant in which the victim on the warrant was the same victim in this case as well. After being advised of his rights per Miranda, the arrestee opted not to provide the deputy with his testimony. The arrestee was transported to OCC where he was booked for his charges and warrant.

Woman has no motor vehicle insurance and license suspension

Angela D. Allen

On July 20, 2017, according to a Monroe Police officer, a officer observed a white Ford Expedition traveling West in the 200 block of Liberty St. with no license tag. The officer initiated a stop of the vehicle and came into contact with the driver, Angela Allen. Allen said she did not have the license tag for the vehicle but had the registration in her name for the vehicle. A DL check through dispatch revealed that she had a suspended LA DL. Allen couldn’t produce a proof of insurance. A check through dispatch revealed that the vehicle was uninsured. Allen was advised of her rights per Miranda, she understood. Allen began saying that she dealt with MPD several times lately, despite not being asked. When asked to elaborate, she said that she had gotten in trouble for drug possession and was currently going to court over several felony drug and burglary charges. The officer then asked if she had any narcotics in the vehicle or on her person. She said that she didn’t, and then gave verbal consent to search her belongings and vehicle. A portion of green Xanax pill was located inside of a zipper pocket in her purse. She said that she was aware that it was in her possession and she found it at her home. Allen stated the pill was indeed Xanax. She was then arrested, handcuffed and transported to OCC for booking.

Young victim’s mother beat her and tied her hands

Ivory W. Edwards

On July 23, 2017, according to a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy, a deputy made contact with a juvenile victim who said her mother/arrestee beat her. The victim stated Edwards advised her to take off her clothing, to which she did per Edwards’ request. Shortly thereafter, Edwards began to strike her with a belt on the buttocks and eventually tied the victim’s hands to her front, using a cable. The victim said that Edwards began striking her again with the belt and a closed fist all over her body, to which the deputy observed numerous bruises to both arms, legs, upper back, wrist, and a small red mark on her face. The victim further said she was continuously struck by Edwards for five consecutive minutes. The officer made contact with the arrestee (Edwards). Edwards was advised of her rights per Miranda to which she understood and voluntarily waived. Edwards admitted she struck the victim on the buttocks, legs, arms, and face (using a belt and open hand) due to the victim trying to move away from her while being spanked. She also admitted she hit the victim with a belt and open hand for approximately for consecutive minutes. Edwards denied tying the victim’s hands in front of her or striking her with a closed fist. Shortly thereafter, Edwards was secured in handcuffs and transported to OCC where she was booked on the charges.