Criminal Activity July 12-15, 2017

Registered sex offender fails to register vehicle 

Joe R. Brode

On July 14, 2017, according to a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy, a deputy observed the suspect vehicle, a white Chevy Suburban, traveling northbound on West Heights Drive without having a properly displayed license plate. The deputy initiated a traffic stop on West Heights Drive at which time the driver came to a stop in a driveway. The deputy made contact with the driver who identified himself as Joe Brode. Brode stated he did not have the money to get a license plate for his vehicle. He stated he bought the vehicle a month ago with cash. He stated he has been using the vehicle to get to and from work.  He stated the temporary license plate he had displayed in his rear window was a false tag.  Brode stated he was also a registered sex offender. The deputy advised Brode of his rights per Miranda which he stated he understood and chose to waive. Brode stated he had not yet registered his vehicle with anyone and had not transferred the title to his name. The deputy placed Brode in handcuffs (double locked) and transported him to OCC to be booked on charges.

Man tells police he only does “high quality” drugs

Micheal A. Burris

On July 12, 2017, according to a Monroe Police officer, a officer was northbound on Lexington Ave when he saw a white male, later identified by Think Stream as Michael Burris, riding a bike northbound in the southbound lane. An unknown white four door car that was traveling southbound suddenly swerved towards the median to avoid Burris. As the officer turned around, the officer noticed he didn’t have a headlight on his bike, which is required by Monroe City Code 33:2.329 at night. While speaking with Burris, a syringe could be seen through the mesh in the right leg of his gym shorts.  The officer advised him of his Miranda Rights, he understood. The officer asked what the syringe was for. He told the officer he was headed to a friend’s house, known only as Jamie, so he could shoot meth with it. The officer placed Burris in handcuffs. The officer asked if there was anything else on him, he became real nervous. His body began twitching and he was saying he would do anything if the officer let him go. While searching Burris, the officer located a small bag containing suspected Meth in his right sock. The officer asked Burris what it was, how much it was, and the quality. Burris said it was about .2g of meth and he only does high quality drugs. The officer transported Burris to OCC for booking.

Man beats pregnant women over drugs

William E. Chapman

On July 17, 2017, according to a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy, deputies responded to a battery complaint which occurred in the trailer park behind the 101 Travel Plaza in Calhoun.     The victim, who is currently six months pregnant, advised she had gone to the residence with a friend and fell asleep in the back of the car. The victim stated she was awoken by the arrestee and another unknown woman striking her repeatedly in the face and body with closed fists. The victim stated the man repeatedly screamed at her to return 36g of meth she had supposedly stolen from his residence. The victim stated she was able to contact her father and his girlfriend who arrived on scene to get the victim. The deputy spoke to the girlfriend who advised she specifically saw the arrestee with his head inside the car window throwing punches at the victim. The victim had injuries on her face and body consistent with her testimony. The deputy made contact with the arrestee at his residence and advised him of his rights per Miranda which he stated he understood and voluntarily chose to waive. The arrestee stated the victim had come to his house with a friend and had stolen $450 from him. The arrestee stated his coworker had gotten into a fight with the victim but denied ever touching her. He initially stated he was inside the residence during the fight and later changed his story saying he had tried to separate the two women from fighting. The arrestee was placed in handcuffs and transported to OCC where he was booked on the charge.

William E. ChapmanWoman punches and cuts her boyfriend

Angela D. Coleman

On July 15, 2017, according to a West Monroe Police officer, a officer was dispatched to a residence in reference to an unarmed person. Upon arrival, the officer contacted the caller/victim. The victim stated he got into an altercation with his live in girlfriend of eight months. He stated the altercation escalated and Coleman produced a large knife. He stated Coleman began swinging the knife at him after she punched him in the head. The victim stated Coleman cut him with the knife on his shoulder. The officer observed a minor puncture/laceration to his shoulder area. Coleman left the residence prior to WMPD arriving. The officer spoke to two witnesses who stated they were outside the residence and observed Coleman running from the residence with a large knife in her possession. Coleman was later located and arrested after the initial complaint was taken. The officer advised Coleman of her Miranda rights which she stated she understood. Coleman stated she did have a knife. She stated she left the residence with the knife and discarded it. She denied striking the victim with it. She was later booked at OCC.

Man found in possession of a crack rock

Lorenzo G. Davis

On July 12, 2017, according to a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy, a deputy observed a black male/arrestee traveling on South Sixth Street, on a bicycle in the oncoming lane of traffic. The deputy activated his overhead emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop on the arrestee at which point he turned, looked towards the deputy’s marked patrol unit, and continued to travel away from the deputy. As the arrestee was traveling away from the deputy’s marked unit, the deputy observed him reaching into his left pant pocket and drop several small items on the ground. Once the arrestee stopped, the deputy advised him of his rights per Miranda, which he stated he understood and chose to waive. The arrestee stated he was attempting to remove a crack rock from his pant pocket and drop it on the ground. The deputy asked for and was granted verbal consent from the arrestee to search his person for any illegal contraband. During a search of the arrestee, the deputy located one suspected rock of crack cocaine in the arrestee’s left pant pocket. The arrestee stated the suspected crack rock belonged to him and was for his personal use. The arrestee was placed under arrest and transported to OCC where he was booked.

Man is slow to comply with police

Clifton Downing

On July 14, 2017, according to a Louisiana State Police officer, a officer was northbound on North Third. The officer observed a black Nissan Armada in front of him also Northbound. The officer observed the vehicle cross over the center line with its left front and rear tires and drive approximately 200ft. The officer initiated a stop on North Third and Roselawn and made contact with the driver, identified as Clinton Downing via his LA driver’s license. When the officer instructed Downing to exit his vehicle, the officer observed him to be slow getting out. The officer also noted he had bloodshot eyes. Once at the rear of the vehicle the officer smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from Downing’s breath.  When asked, Downing agreed to submit to SFST.  Downing performed poorly on SFST. The officer handcuffed, searched, secured, and read Downing his rights in relation to Miranda. The officer transported Downing to Ouachita Correctional Center. Once at OCC, the officer read Downing his rights in relation to the Intoxilyzer 9000. Downing submitted to the test and produced a .108g% result. The officer released Downing to the OCC staff and booked him on charges.Traffic stop lands man in jail on drug charges On July 12, 2017, according to a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy, a deputy initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle operated by the listed subject. The subject initially gave his name as Jonathan Scott Ezell. During the course of the traffic stop, the officer noticed the odor of burned Marijuana coming from the open window. Subsequent search of the vehicle yielded a wallet containing an ID verifying the true identity of the driver as Cole Ezell. The wallet also contained a small package of Marijuana and rolling papers. A records check of the drivers showed a warrant for FTA Review Hearing with a warrant.

Man arrested for trespassing and burglarly

Cole M. Ezell

On July 15, 2017, according to a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy, deputies were dispatched to a residence for a possible disturbance. Upon arrival deputies observed a male sitting on the ground smoking a cigarette and several other males surrounding him. Upon approaching the males a deputy came in contact with a victim and secured his testimony. The victim stated his vehicle alarm went off and as he looked outside he observed the suspect hiding in front of his vehicle. The victim stated he exited his residence to confront the suspect. The victim stated as he exited the residence he was met by other neighbors who had been watching the suspect enter vehicles along the street. The witnesses stated they then surrounded the suspect and contained him until OPSO arrived. A deputy then spoke to the witness who stated he observed the suspect enter four different vehicles and attempt to enter the victim’s and another. The deputy then advised the suspect of his rights per Miranda and secured his testimony. Ezell stated he was looking for his dog and didn’t know why everyone was mad at him.  When asked why he was hiding in front of the vehicle, Ezell stated he thought his dog might be under the van. The deputy was able to confirm the victim at his residence his two vehicles had been entered and items possibly removed. The deputy was able to confirm two vehicles had been entered but has not been able to contact the victim at the residence to secure his testimony. The deputy will request charges for these counts later. The deputy secured Ezell and transported him to OCC where he was booked in.