Man jumps into sewage water after attempting to steal two TVs

On May 16, 2017 a Monroe Police officer was dispatched to 2701 Louisville Ave. (Walmart) in reference to a black male dressed in all black with white shoes attempting to leave the store with two TVs (55” LED Curve TV $499.00 in value and 49” HDTV $448.00 in value) without paying.
After the suspect later identified as Deontra Foy passed all points of sale with the items, Foy was stopped by Walmart security in between the sliding doors at the entrance of the store.
After being approached by security, Foy left the buggy filled with both of the TVs in between the entrance sliding doors and then fled the scene traveling Southbound in the parking lot. Walmart security then chased Foy to the canal ditch located in between Walmart and Whataburger where Foy jumped inside of the sewage water.

Man forges his dead grandfather’s signature on checks

On May 15, 2017 a Monroe Police officer was dispatched to 7950 Desiard St., OIB, in reference to a forgery. Upon the officer’s arrival he made contact with an employee. The employee stated that Jason Stokes came in the bank at approximately 10:00AM and cashed a $140.00 check from his grandmother’s account.
After leaving the bank teller realized the check was signed by Stokes’ grandfather who is no longer alive. Just prior to log time Stokes came back to the bank and attempted to cash a $60.00 check that was also signed by his deceased grandfather.
The officer made contact with Stokes and advised him of his Miranda Rights. According to the officer, Stokes stated that he did take the checks from his grandmother and signed his grandfather’s name on the check.

Man shoots at vehicle because victim would not take him to the store

On May 13, 2017 Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputies responded to a report of a shooting. The complainant stated the arrestee had fired multiple shots from a handgun at a vehicle she and the victim were seated in. The complainant advised the arrestee had left the location prior to deputies’ arrival. The deputies located the arrestee at 1214 Prairie Rd. where he was taken into custody without incident.
The officer made contact with the victim and he stated he and the complainant were seated in the rear of his vehicle when he approached the door. The victim stated the arrestee opened the door and stated “you got time to talk to him, but not take me to the store?” the victim stated he was able to close the door, at which time the arrestee fired three rounds with one striking the rear passenger door and two striking the rear bumper on the passenger side.
Upon contacting the arrestee he had facial wounds and appeared lethargic. He was transported to LSU Conway for treatment, and then transported to OCC for booking.
According to the officer, post Miranda the arrestee stated he saw the vehicle in the driveway, but did not recognize it. When the arrestee went to investigate he stated he “saw something he wasn’t supposed to” and got mad. The arrestee stated he produced his firearm and fired into the air. When asked, the arrestee also stated he was aware he struck the vehicle. The arrestee stated he fired three times.

Woman and man break into private property to smoke crack

On May 12, 2017, West Monroe Police officers were dispatched to a burglary in progress at 126 Short Coleman Avenue. The dispatch advised a black male with a yellow shirt and blue jeans was fleeing from the house south through the field towards the community center. The dispatch advised the white female, wearing a black shirt and pants, was heading west on Montgomery.
The officers located the black male, who was identified as Brandon Crawford, in the field next to the gym of the community center. A officer located the white female, who was identified as Cindy Neathery, at Montgomery and S. 8th Street. The caller stated she arrived at the residence to check on it because the homeowner was out of town.
Upon her arrival, the caller observed Neathery sitting on the back porch. The caller stated she observed Neathery get up and go inside the residence. The caller stated she later observed Neathery exit the residence with Crawford. The caller confronted both of them, and both of them fled in different directions.
A officer advised Crawford and Neathery of their Miranda rights, which they both stated they understood. Crawford admitted he has been to the residence before, but he didn’t know the homeowner’s name. Crawford admitted he arrived and broke the screen and window to gain entry into the residence. Crawford stated he didn’t want to be homeless tonight.
Neathery admitted she met with Crawford at the Monroe bus station. Neathery stated Crawford mentioned a house they could smoke crack in. Neathery admitted both of them entered the residence to smoke crack. A metal pipe and pusher was located inside her bag. Both were transported to WMCC for processing. They were then transported to OCC to be booked.

Man steals victim’s truck and claims it was his

On May 13, 2017 a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy made contact with the victim who stated he observed the arrestee, Dustin Rose, sitting inside his motor vehicle. The victim said he walked outside his residence and asked Dustin “what are you doing”. The victim stated Rose replied “this is my truck and I’m taking it.” He said he immediately called OPSO for assistance.
The deputy made contact with Rose and advised him of his rights, per Miranda, and secured his testimony. According to the deputy, Rose stated he was riding a three wheeler and it ran out of gas. Rose said he was in the victim’s truck in hopes of locating a gas can. Rose then stated he thought the victim’s truck was his and he was going to take it back home. The deputy placed Rose under arrest and transported him to OCC where he was booked.

Man threatens to kill the victim

According to a Monroe Police officer, on May 14, 2017, Jarmer Roberson went onto the residential property located at 1408 Rogers St. ignoring the posted signs that stated no trespassing. Once Roberson was on the property, he verbally threatened to kill the victim.
Roberson was located in front of the residence in the street. Upon making contact with him, the officer conducted a pat search of Roberson’s outer clothing and located in his left rear pocket a clear sandwich bag containing five smaller individual bags that contained suspected marijuana. Also inside Roberson’s rear left pocket was prescription bottle with the label removed.
Inside the bottle were 61 suspected Alprazolam (Xanax) .5mg pills in a plastic bag, eight blue suspected Methlenedioxymethamphetamine (Ecstasy) pills in a small plastic bag and 27 white suspected Alprazolam (Xanax) 2mg pills that were in the prescription bottle. Roberson was arrested and transported to OCC for booking.

Woman bites boyfriend’s biceps

On May 15, 2017 Monroe Police officers were dispatched to a disturbance at 115 Martinez #7, inside the city limits of Monroe, LA. The victim stated his on-married live-in girlfriend, Evelyn Jenkins, had engaged in an argument that turned physical when she started hitting him with her fists. As the victim pushed Jenkins away from him, she bit him on his left biceps with her mouth, leaving a visible wound. When Jenkins armed herself with a large knife, the victim ran to a neighbor’s apartment.
Jenkins was seen by two independent witnesses carrying a gun to and from the place where the victim was hiding. Both witnesses gave the same description of the gun Jenkins was carrying and said she was pointing it in the air. While the officers searched for the gun, verbal consent was granted by Jenkins for officers to search her apartment. No gun was located but a crack pipe was discovered.
After Jenkins was arrested, she told one of the witnesses “I got you when I get out”, which the witness advised she meant that Jenkins was going to cause her bodily harm when she was bonded out of jail. Jenkins was taken to OCC and booked.

Man claims he stole the car because his dad is rich

On May 12, 2017, Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputies responded to 1427 Winnsboro Rd. (Mac’s Fresh Market) in reference to Monroe Police Department locating a suspect in a stolen vehicle case. Upon arrival, a deputy made contact with Charles Murray, Jr. (arrestee), who was located in possession of the stolen vehicle, and advised Murray of his rights per Miranda, which he waived.
The deputy asked Murray why he took the vehicle and according to the deputy, Murray stated “because my dad is rich”. Murray was then placed under arrest and transported to OCC where he was booked.

Man shoots gun because he thought victim stole from him

On May 16, 2017 a Monroe Police officer went to 302 South College in reference to a shooting inside the house. The officer made contact with the female victim who stated she was in the kitchen of the house when suspect Jacob Furlough was mad at her and accused her of taking money out of his wallet. The arrestee retrieved a shotgun from near the front door and began to point it at her then shot one round through the floor of his house.
Once the shot went off, the female victim left the house in fear of being hurt and called the police. As several units arrived on scene for safety, Furlough exited the front door of his house and was taken into custody without further incident. The officer took custody of Furlough from another officer and advised Furlough of his Miranda rights.
Furlough stated he was mad at the female for stealing money out of his wallet. Furlough admitted to getting his shotgun and shooting it saying he wanted her to know he was serious and that he would kill her if she stole from him.
Furlough was taken to LSU Conway Hospital for evaluation and released. Furlough was then brought back to MPD and advised of his rights again and gave the same statement to me about the theft and killing her if she stole from him again. Furlough admitted he has not been taking certain medications and has seen doctors for PTSD in the past. Furlough admitted to drinking a minimal amount of alcohol prior to the incident and was fully aware of his surroundings answering questions correctly of general knowledge.