Criminal Activity June 8 – June 10, 2017

Two people have a brawl in the car

According to a Richwood Police officer, On June 9, 2017, Blade and the victim were driving southbound on Hwy 165 at the Dellwood intersection when the two started to argue.
The victim advised that she and Blade started to fight and in the process she struck Blade in the mouth causing his lip to bleed and afterward he started to choke her causing her to swerve off the road. The officer observed scratches on the victim’s right arm and bruises around her neck.

Man crosses the line into another lane

On June 8, 2017, according to a Metro Narcotics Unit agent, along with other MNU agents, a white 2007 Cadillac Escalade crossed the double yellow line and the fog line on Parkview Drive at Ruffin Drive in Monroe. The agent initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, stopping at Parkview Drive at Sunset Drive. After stopping, the agent made contact with the driver, Edwin D. Burks, at his driver’s side window, and advised him of the reason for the stop. While speaking with Burks, the agent observed a handgun sitting on the front passenger seat.

The agent ordered Burks to exit the vehicle and speak with him. Burks advised the agent that the firearm belonged to him. As the agent spoke with Burks, other MNU agents checked the serial number on the handgun and found the gun to have been stolen out of Ouachita Parish. A NCIC stolen hit was confirmed and Burks was advised of his rights per Miranda and placed under arrest. Burks was transported to MNU for processing and then taken to OCC for booking on the charge.

Man hides drugs in his socks

According to a Monroe Police officer, on June 8, 2017, a officer observed a red 2003 Ford Mustang make a right turn onto 2500 Washington St. without using a turn signal. The officer initiated his emergency lights and the vehicle came to a stop at 2500 Washington St. The vehicle was occupied by three people. The officer asked the driver, later identified as Jeremy Burrell, to step out of the vehicle and advised him of the reason for stopping him. Upon speaking to the driver the officer conducted a pat down at which time the officer observed a plastic bag partially sticking out of his right sock.

The officer advised Burrell of his Miranda rights and he stated he understood. The officer asked Burrell what the plastic bag was and he stated its cocaine. The officer advised him that he was going to retrieve the plastic bag, which contained marijuana. The officer asked if he had cocaine on him and he stated yes it’s in my other sock (left sock). The officer retrieved a plastic bag containing the cocaine Burrell stated he had. Further investigation revealed that Burrell’s Louisiana DL was suspended. Burrell was handcuffed and transported to OCC where he was booked.

Man swerves in and out of lanes

On June 8, 2017,according to a Louisiana State Police officer, the officer observed a blue Ford 150 constantly veering out of its lane on US 165 going off the road to the right and into the inside lane of the northbound side of US 165. The Ford did this constantly. The Ford made a wide turn onto Old Sterlington Rd. and drove left of the center. The officer activated his emergency lights and the vehicle abruptly stopped in the roadway. The driver was identified as Ohaije J. Clay. Clay had only an I.D. card and no driver’s license, he had a strong odor of burnt marijuana on his person, bloodshot droopy eyes, dilated pupils, swayed as he stood, had slowed speech that was incoherent at times, gait ataxia, and the officer had to get him out of the roadway at times. Clay submitted to standardized field sobriety tests and showed to be too impaired to operate a motor vehicle safely. He stated, “A lot of people smoke marijuana.” Clay submitted to the Intoxylizer 9000 at OCC and BAC was shown to be 000g %. This was not consistent with his level of impairment. He submitted to giving a urine sample and results are pending.

Two women caught with drugs and knife blades

On June 9, 2017, according to a Louisiana State Police officer, the officer observed a red GMC Sierra pull onto US 80 from the Budget Motel on Louisville and travel eastbound on US 80. The GMC constantly was drifting from side to side and leaving its lane and went from the inside lane to the outside lane.

The officer stopped the vehicle at University Avenue and it pulled to the rear of Burger King. The driver was identified as Nicole L. Shelton. Shelton had a strong odor of burnt marijuana on her person, strong odor of marijuana in the GMC and several pipes used for smoking marijuana in plain sight in the front passenger area. Shelton displayed gait ataxia, had red bloodshot dilated pupils, racing pulse visible in her neck and a green coating on her tongue. The officer found many pipes with residue in the GMC, four large knives, concealed beneath the center console and front passenger seat.

The officer saw a hand rolled cigarette in the center console with green vegetable material in it that smelled of marijuana. Shelton dropped a yellow wrapped object with green vegetable material in it that smelled of marijuana at the driver’s door. The passenger was Cason and she had pipes for smoking in her immediate area small amounts of green vegetable material of marijuana all around her seat. Cason and Shelton were both placed under arrest.

The officer transported them to OCC and upon arrival Shelton attempted to smash a small clear plastic wrap with white powder and crystal substance in it. Some of the substance was all over the rear seat of the officer’s unit and it tested positive for amphetamines using a field test in the seat of both prisoners. The officer had just cleaned and cleared the rear seat on a prior DWI arrest at midnight this date and it was clear prior to placing them in the vehicle.

The officer secured the evidence. Cason is a convicted felon and had the larger knives 20″ blade, 12″ blade, 8″ blade and another 8″ blade) all within her grasp. Cason was constantly moving around and doing things inside the vehicle upon the stop of the GMC. Cason admitted to using methamphetamines. Shelton admitted to the use of marijuana. Shelton refused to submit to all field sobriety tests at OCC and was too aggressive at OCC to attempt the Intoxylizer 9000. She refused to even go with the officer to the Intoxylizer Room and refused to submit to giving urine. Neither had their seat belts on when the officer observed them on US 80.

Man is arrested with drugs around mouth

On June 9, 2017, according to a Louisiana State Police officer, a officer observed a gold Buick stopped at the intersection of Powell Street and LA 594. The Buick was observed to have a brake light out. The officer activated his emergency blue lights and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. Upon contact with the front seat passenger the officer observed him to have suspected marijuana on his white shirt and around his mouth. The passenger later identified as Lamarcus D. Chinsley, was placed under arrest, handcuffed, mirandized and the driver detained for further investigation. During a probable cause search of the vehicle two small plastic bags were located in the driver’s side floor board area. One bag contained suspected marijuana and the other contained suspected cocaine. The driver was identified as Kermit Carradine and later released. Chinsley was transported to O.C.C. and released to O.C.C. staff for booking.

Man uses Crown Royal bag to hide drugs

According to a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy, on June 9, 2017, the deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was being operated by the arrestee for a traffic violation. During the course of the traffic stop, the deputy gained consent to search the vehicle. During the search, a Crown Royal bag was located underneath the driver seat. Located inside the bag were 22 clear plastic bags of suspected marijuana. The deputy attempted to place the arrestee in handcuffs at which time he fled on foot for a short distance before being apprehended.

Man flees the scene of an accident in Sterlington

According to a Sterlington Police officer, on June 9, 2017, the Sterlington Police Department received a call in reference to a vehicle accident at 1333 LA 2. Upon arrival officers observed a b/m wearing a dark colored top and white/red bottoms running away from the accident. A officer issued a command for the suspect to stop through the PA system, which he ignored. The officer pursued the suspect into a neighborhood. Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies located the suspect crossing 165 in the Westlake/Eastlake neighborhood. Security footage revealed a black Chevrolet pickup abruptly turned right off of Hwy 165 into the parking lot, at a high rate of speed which caused the driver to be unable to stop; subsequently causing him to collide with a parked vehicle. I observed one b/m in a black top and white/red pants exit the vehicle and began to run away.

On 6/10/17 officers received a call in reference to a b/m wearing a black hoodie and white/red bottoms walking in Westlake. The officer positively identified him as John F. Eave, the suspect the officer pursued. The officer advised Eave of his rights per Miranda and he then admitted running from officers and to taking the Chevrolet pickup from a ballpark without consent. Eave was booked in Morehouse Detention for FFJ, the OCC.