Criminal Activity October 24-29, 2017

Man jailed after committing an obscene act in a cab

Gregory J. Aston

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, according to the official report, a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy was dispatched to 1102 Jonesboro Road (Circle K gas station) in reference to indecent exposure. Contact was made with the victim, on arrival. According to the victim, she picked up the arrestee, Gregory J. Aston in Monroe. The victim stated she was transporting him to the Circle K. During the transport, the victim said Gregory was making a lot of noise in the backseat. The victim informed the deputy that she looked behind her and observed Aston masturbating. The victim stated she got upset with Aston and said “what the f**k man”. The victim informed the deputy she asked Aston to stop, but he refused.
The victim said she even took a water bottle and tried to sling the water on Aston to get him to stop. The victim stated Aston paid for his fare on arrival to Circle K. and told her “You don’t know what you did to it”. The victim was observed upset and crying when the deputy made contact with her on arrival. The victim informed the deputy she observed Aston’s penis on the outside of his pants. Contact was made with Aston on scene out front of the store. Aston was advised of his rights per Miranda in which he stated he understood. Aston said he did not masturbate in the back seat of the cab and was only scratching himself on the outside of his pants. Aston admitted to consuming alcohol prior to calling a cab. Aston was placed in handcuffs and transported to OCC. Aston was booked on the charge.

Illegal carrying of weapon lands man in jail

Terrance A. Caldwell

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, according to the official report, a Monroe Police officer was dispatched to 513 Winnsboro Rd. in reference to a 911 hang up. Upon arrival the officer spoke with the clerk and he advised the officer that there was a black male in the store that he wanted removed from the property. The officer made contact with the male and he was identified as Terrance Caldwell.
While speaking with Caldwell he appeared to be very nervous and shaking. While performing a pat down for officer safety on Caldwell, he stated he had a gun in his pocket. He was handcuffed and advised of his Miranda Rights which he stated he understood. The officer then removed a small .22 cal. revolver from his left pants pocket. The revolver had five live rounds and one spent round in the cylinder. Caldwell stated he had the gun because he was going to sell it. Caldwell also advised he had smoked PCP an hour before. Caldwell was then transported to EA Conway for medical clearance due to the PCP and then to OCC for booking on the charge.

Inmate assaults officer from inside jail

Dakota J. Carson

On Wednesday, October 25, 2017, according to the official report, a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy came in contact with a correctional officer/victim at 180 Pine Bayou Cir. (Richwood Correctional Center) in reference to a Battery of a Correctional Officer complaint. The victim said he was conducting a pat down on an inmate/arrestee (Dakota Carson) prior to him entering his assigned dormitory. The victim stated he felt an unknown object in the arrestee’s pocket and attempted to remove it. The victim said the arrestee removed the item from his pocket and dropped it on the floor, at which time the victim picked up a small clear bag containing two unknown pills.
The victim attempted to secure the arrestee in handcuffs, to which he began resisting and pushed and held the victim against the wall. Soon after, the victim and another correctional officer placed the arrestee on the ground, which the arrestee began biting the victim on the hand, leaving lacerations. The deputy observed a red mark on the victim’s forehead, to which he was unsure how it occurred. The deputy advised the arrestee of his rights per Miranda to which he stated he understood and voluntarily waived. The arrestee said the victim applied pressure to his finger and he pulled away, to which the correctional officers took him to the ground and secured him in handcuffs. The arrestee denied ever holding the victim against the wall or biting him on the hand. The arrestee further denied ever having contraband on his person. Soon thereafter, the deputy secured the arrestee in handcuffs and transported him to OCC and booked him on the charge.

Woman steals man’s car and crashes it

LeKaye M. Hamilton

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, according to a Monroe Police officer, at 2304 hours, a Monroe Police officer was dispatched to the 300 block of Plum St. in reference to a motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival the officer came in contact with the victim who advised after he dropped off his last delivery for the night he picked up LeKaye Hamilton, who stopped him and asked for a ride home. The victim stated after picking up Hamilton he brought her to Johnny’s Pizza and told her he was going inside to clock out and count his money for the night. The victim advised that while he was inside, he observed Hamilton get into the driver’s side seat of his 2013 Tan Toyota Camry and proceed traveling southbound in the 800 block of South Second Street. The victim advised that he later received a phone call where he was advised his vehicle was just involved in a three vehicle crash in the 300 block of Plum Street.
Officers then made contact with the other two drivers involved in the crash, in which they advised Hamilton struck vehicle two, while Hamilton was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes (300 block of Plum St./ Plum underpass). Contact was then made with Hamilton, in which she was advised to show proof of a valid driver’s license, insurance, and registration. Hamilton was able to provide all information except a valid driver’s license. A computer check through the MPD dispatch revealed Hamilton’s license to be currently suspended. Hamilton was then advised of her rights per Miranda. Hamilton was arrested, handcuffed and transported to OCC for booking. While OCC booking officers were conducting a thorough search on Hamilton they located a small baggie of suspected marijuana on her person. Hamilton was then booked into OCC.

Man drops TV on woman’s head

Wardale N. Jackson

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, according to the official report, at 0344 hours, a West Monroe Police officer was dispatched to 99 McClendon Ave. in reference to a domestic disturbance. Dispatch advised the suspect dropped a TV on top of the victim’s head. Dispatch advised the suspect was a Jackson subject. Upon arrival the officer observed a black male and a black female walking down the stairs. The victim stated the black male was Wardale Jackson, and he hit her with a TV. The officer then placed Jackson into custody, and the officer advised him of his Miranda Rights which he stated he understood. The officer observed blood on his left palm, and he stated nothing happened. The officer made contact with the victim in Apt. A. The victim stated she was lying on her bed as Jackson was drinking heavily. An argument ensued and the victim stated Jackson picked up a small flat screen TV and dropped it on her head hard. The victim stated Jackson then began choking her on the bed, and as she tried to get away both of them fell onto the floor.
The victim stated she began screaming for help. The victim stated that a neighbor entered the room and Jackson stopped. The officer observed the small flat screen TV on the floor and several empty alcohol containers. The officer observed the victim’s hair was messy and a scratch below her mouth that was bleeding. Jackson stated he didn’t know why the police were called, and he didn’t know how the victim was scratched or how blood was on his left palm. Jackson then stated whatever the victim stated had to happen. The officer then transported Jackson to WMCC for processing, and Jackson was later transported to OCC for booking for the charges.

Man chokes woman in moving vehicle

Jorge Hernandez

On Sunday, October 29, 2017, according to the official report OPSO received a call from a driver of a vehicle, which was behind the vehicle the arrestee was in. The caller followed the vehicle as they were on the phone with OPSO. The caller stated a male in the back seat of the vehicle choked the female driver and she slumped over at the wheel briefly and the car slowed. He stated the driver came to and continued to drive. The deputies made a traffic stop on the vehicle, which the caller was still following and made contact with the driver who was visibly shaken.
The driver refused to tell me what happened, however a witness stated the arrestee did choke the victim and the victim bled from her mouth. She stated the driver dropped the arrestee off at a residence. The deputy made contact with the arrestee at his residence where he was advised of his rights per Miranda. He denied the incident and was transported to OCC and booked on the charge.

Woman crashes vehicle while intoxicated

Kalon D. Jones

On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, according to the official report, at 1619 hours a West Monroe Police officer was dispatched to a crash investigation at 601 South Riverfront Street (Lazarre Park). Upon arrival, the officer observed the driver (Kalon Jones) of one of the vehicles. Jones was unable to talk, had falling down balance, sluggish reaction times, glassy eyes, and a distant stare. After a short period of time, Jones began speaking and the officer advised her of her Miranda Rights. Jones admitted to driving and admitted to smoking PCP earlier in the day. Jones told the officer that she could not remember what happened during the accident. Jones granted the officer permission to search the vehicle. Fellow officers located a small plastic baggie of suspected marijuana and an open pack of More Cigarettes. Jones told the officer that she uses More Cigarettes to smoke PCP. A witness informed the officer that Jones was driving the vehicle. The witness stated that she swerved the vehicle and impacted a pedestrian who was walking on the edge of the road.
The officer later spoke to the victim, who confirmed the witness’ statement. The victim was transported to St. Francis for medical treatment. Jones was taken to St. Francis Emergency Room for medical evaluation. A warrant was signed by Judge Larry Jefferson for a blood draw from the body of Jones. St. Francis staff conducted the blood draw from Jones’ body. The officer placed Jones under arrest, Jones was later transported to the Ouachita Correctional Center.