Criminal Activity October 3-8, 2017

Possession of CDS and resisting an officer

Jodarrius Collins

On Wednesday, October 4, 2017, according to an official report, a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy was patrolling the 500 block of Miller Street in reference to a discharge of a firearm complaint when the deputy observed a black male walking down the street. When the deputy attempted to make contact with the suspect, he began running west on Pearl Street towards Burg Jones Lane. The deputy identified himself as a police officer and initiated his red and blue lights at which time the suspect looked back at the officer and continued to run. The suspect then turned on to Burg Jones Lane and began running south bound.
The suspect then began running east back towards Miller Street. The deputy made contact with the suspect at 500 Miller at which time he was secured in handcuffs. The deputy advised the suspect of his rights per Miranda which he stated he understood and chose to waive. The suspect identified himself as Jodarrius Collins and his identity was confirmed by his issued Louisiana ID. During as pat down of Collins, Collins was found to be in possession of a small plastic bag containing suspected marijuana in his left sock. Collins stated he did not know where it came from. The deputy then transported Collins to OCC to be booked on the charges.

Man commits prohibited acts; drug paraphernalia

Jessie J. Copeland

On Sunday, October 8, 2017, according to the official report, a West Monroe Police officer was dispatched to 300 Well Road in reference to a suspicious person. The officer was advised a white male wearing shorts and a baseball cap was in the parking lot waving his arms and jumping around. Just prior to the officer’s arrival, the officer was advised he was sitting in a silver SUV in the front parking lot. Upon arrival, the officer observed two white males sitting in a silver 2001 Honda CRV. The officer made contact with the two males and identified them. While speaking with both occupants, they both admitted to narcotics use. The officer observed a blue bag in plain view on the floor board between the front seats. The officer observed what appeared to be a TB syringe. The officer advised the driver and owner, Jessie Copeland of his Miranda Rights which he stated he understood. The officer asked Copeland for consent to search the vehicle. Copeland denied consent and a K9 was called to the scene. The K9 gave a positive alert on the vehicle. In the blue bag on the floor board, the officer located a used TB syringe.
The officer located a maroon pouch in the bag that contained a glass pipe with meth residue, a glass marijuana pipe, a black digital scale with residue, plastic baggies containing a small amount of meth. In the glove box, a fake coke can was located with a glass pipe containing residue and a small plastic vial containing residue and a cotton ball. Another small plastic vial containing residue was located on the driver’s floor board. The officer asked Copeland about the items which he stated they were all his. The officer placed Copeland under arrest and transported him to WMCC. He was later booked at OCC. Copeland advised he had a previous meth and paraphernalia charge and was on probation.

Women charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine

Brittany Gix

On Thursday, October 5, 2017, according to an official report, a MNU agent received information that a package containing a pound of methamphetamine was set to be delivered to 912 Riverside Drive #37, Monroe, LA on that date. This package was intercepted and a search warrant was obtained for this box. This box did in fact contain approximately .542 grams of methamphetamine (approximate street value of $40,000.00). MNU agents conducted a controlled delivery of this package to the above listed address. Agents observed a black female, later identified as Brittany Gix, take custody of the package and bring it inside of the residence. Approximately thirty minutes later, a black male, later identified as Meko Walker, pulled up to the residence and went inside. Walker came out of the residence a few minutes later with the package containing the methamphetamine. Agents took Walker into custody prior to him leaving the parking lot. Walker’s vehicle was searched and approximately one half ounce of marijuana, along with a set of digital scales was located in the center console. The agent along with other MNU agents went into apartment 37 and made contact with Gix.
The agent spoke with Gix about the package she had just accepted. Gix made several contradictory statements about her involvement with this package. Gix agreed to accompany the agents to MNU for questioning. Walker was also transported to MNU for questioning and processing. During an interview with Gix, she admitted she knew the package was being delivered to her residence. However, she stated she did not know what was inside. Gix refused to provide any details about the sender of the package of its intended destination. During an interview with Walker, he stated Gix directed him to take the package from her residence and deliver it to its intended destination. Walker denied knowing what was in the package, who sent it, or who its intended recipient was. Both Gix and Walker were processed and transported to OCC where they were booked on the charges.

Women commits third offense; DWI

Jessica A. Haskins

On Tuesday, October 3, 2017, according to the official report, a Louisiana State Police officer observed a silver Ford Mustang on Oliver Street nearing LA 840-6 (Forsythe Avenue) and it signaled a left turn and came to a stop at LA 840-6 on Oliver St. heading north. The brake lights of the Mustang would come off and on at times and the signal was off when it stopped. The light cycled to green and the Mustang crossed LA 840-6 heading north on Oliver Street. The Mustang drifted onto the center lines of Oliver Streetthen drifted onto and over the right fog line. The officer stopped the vehicle on Harn Street. The driver was the owner, Jessica Amber Haskins. Haskins displayed gait ataxia, fumbled with her purse and license, swayed, had slowed slurred speech, had red droopy eyes and a strong odor of an alcoholic type beverage on her breath. The odor was strongest when she spoke. Haskins submitted to standardized field sobriety tests and showed to be too impaired to operate a motor vehicle safely. The officer arrested her and transported her to OCC. She refused the Intoxilyzer 9000 and was booked into OCC. This was showing to be her third arrest for DWI within the statutory time frame.

Possession of controlled dangerous substance; schedule III

Todd M. Davis

On Wednesday, October 4, 2017, according to an official report, Todd M. Davis was observed at 3700 Jackson St. (Now Save) standing for several minutes and sitting with another individual on the northwest side of the building. As a officer approached in a marked MPD police vehicle, Davis began to walk away from the building. Davis was asked several times for his identification. Davis advised his name was James Lee and he was with law enforcement. Davis advised he did not have any business at the store and had not purchased anything.
Davis was advised his rights per Miranda and handcuffed. During a search incident to arrest: a cigarillo bag was found in Davis’ left rear pocket. Inside of said bag was one small cigarillo, wet/damp on one end, consistent with suspected PCP. Within the entire detention, Davis appeared to be swaying and unable to stay still. Davis’ words were also slurred. Davis was transported to OCC for booking.

Domestic abuse battery; child endangerment

Alvin L. Breaux

On Tuesday, October 3, 2017, according to the official report, a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy responded to a domestic disturbance, where the victim along with her juvenile children (ages nine, seven and five) were locked in her bedroom due to her boyfriend/arrestee (Alvin Breaux) being irate. Upon the deputy’s arrival, the arrestee exited the residence and the deputy attempted to secure him in handcuffs (for officer safety), to which he began to resist. Shortly after, two deputies placed the arrestee on the ground where they were successfully able to gain control of his arms to secure him in handcuffs. The deputy advised the arrestee of his rights to which he state he understood and voluntarily waived. The deputy came in contact with the victim who stated the arrestee battered her.
The victim stated she and Breaux had been in a verbal altercation, to which he became physical shortly after. The victim said Breaux snatched pillows from beneath her head, to which he prevented her from being able to lift her head due to him grabbing her hair and pulling it down to the bed. Shortly after, Breaux let go of her hair and exited the bedroom. The victim further said Breaux advised he would “beat her a**” if the police came to their residence in reference to the disturbance. The victim also advised her children did not witness the battery due to them being asleep in their bedrooms. The deputy spoke to the arrestee (post Miranda) to which he admitted he and the victim had been in a verbal altercation. He also stated he barely touched her and reverted to say he barely yelled at her. The deputy transported Breaux to OCC where he was booked on the charges.

Reckless operation of vehicle at hwy barricade

Micheal C. Bolden

On Monday, October 2, 2017, according to an official report, a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy responded to OPSO communication direction of a Hwy 3033 barricade breach. Deputies at the barricade advised suspect Michael Bolden operated a vehicle around a barricade manned by OPSO along with a LA State Police officer. Deputies said Bolden arrived at the barricade questioning the reason he could not continue on Hwy 3033. Deputies directed Bolden to park his vehicle in a nearby parking lot; a supervisor was in route to speak with him.
Bolden entered the parking lot, accelerated his vehicle through the parking lot and around the barricade. He drove his vehicle off the roadway using the drainage ditch as a means to avoid the barricade. The acceleration rate of his vehicle caused rocks and gravel to become airborne. It was unknown at the time if any damage was caused to bystanders or police vehicles. A road block of OPSO vehicles was used to safely apprehend Bolden. A deputy advised Bolden of his rights per Miranda, to which he said he understood. He was placed into custody and transported to OCC without incident where he was booked for reckless operation.

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