Dice game shooting tags Wright as suspect; 2nd shooting

  A man who is already on the wanted list of local law enforcement officers, is now on the list  for the third time, and he hasn’t been caught yet.
  Deajohn Spencer Wright, of Monroe, is on the watch list of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office for three different crimes, two involving shootings.

  The Sheriff’s office says Wright is being sought for an attempted murder in Monroe over the weekend, as well as the theft of two offroad/utility vehicles, which have been recovered.

   The attempted murder charge is related to the reported shooting of an acquaintance during a dice game after saying on Facebook that he was going to slap the man’s girlfriend. The victim was shot twice, but he survived.

   Wright has also been named as a suspect in a shooting investigation in the 1800 block of Bonner Drive on April 5th. In the case, police say Wright was waving a gun around and threatening to shoot people in a crowd of about 80-100. Two people were injured.

  A second suspect in the UTV thefts, 17-year-old Jeremy Burton, Jr., has already been arrested.