Eleven year old SU student may miss being a kid!

By Cadence M. Wright
Free Press Teen Writer
How would you feel if you are an eleven-year-old in college? You have to ask Elijah Precciely to find out.

In case you hadn’t heard, Elijah Precciely is enrolled in the honors college at Southern University but he has already published a book and submitted five patents for his inventions. He’s done all of that and he’s just eleven years old.

Elijah is a preacher and a talk show host. When he graduates from Southern University, he will be just learning to drive.

If that’s not enough, he received a four year all expense paid scholarship to Southern University.

He has a weekly talk show on WTQT 106.1 FM radio station and preached his first sermon when he was five years old.

There will be some advantages but there will be many disadvantages for him. College will immediately change everything about his life and for the people in his family. His mother is going to be proud, but she will probably be worried at the same time.

At eleven years old he really hasn’t grown up yet; he hasn’t gone through puberty yet.

Puberty is when kids like us slowly become teenagers. His voice will get deeper and the college students around him have already been through it. He will start growing a beard and a mustache. He will have armpit hair and he may not know what is happening to his body and be afraid to ask questions. When you’re around kids your age you don’t have to feel weird because you and your friends are going through the same thing at the same time.

Elijah will get to meet a lot of important people because people always come to colleges to speak about their careers. He will have a higher education than his friends at home because he had all A’s and he is in college.

All of his friends his age are still taking regular elementary classes. Since he is eleven he will have a degree at the age of fifteen or earlier.

He’s smart, but he can’t get a work permit at age eleven; he’s too young. He’ll probably make plenty of money from his five inventions, all patented.

Because he is eleven he can’t drive. He won’t have a car to get around the college campus. Some of the classes in college might be on the other side of the campus. He is probably going to have to walk and carry all his books across the campus. Teachers will try to prove he does not belong there and he needs to go back to elementary.

While he is working hard to prove himself to the professors he will probably have to prove to students he is cool enough to hang with them; if he wants to do that.

I don’t think he will have much college level fun because he is too young. He won’t be able to go to the frat parties or pledge because he is not old enough to get in. He probably won’t be able to play sports because he’s to little to play against the college guys.

Elijah Precciely won’t have to prove anything to anyone, he’s already proven that he is capable of doing many things that older people do. Because he is so smart he probably doesn’t care about the things that most kids are concerned with anyway.

So, he will probably do very well in college. To pass all those grades up at such a young age won’t be difficult, in fact, he might find it easy to do.

A lot of kids are pulling for him, but they will feel sorry for him, too.

He’ll miss being a kid.

That’s something he can’t learn as a university student.