Excellence Academy to open home school network next week

The Excellence Home School Network will open next week, providing an easy “Point and Click'” online curriculum and teacher assistance for parents ready to take advantage of the benefits of a state-approved home school education from the safety of their homes. For information email: administrator@xhomeschool.com

In response to fears prompted by the Coronavirus, thousands of parents are turning to homeschooling as the alternative, joining scores of homeschool organizations across the country next week will be the Excellence Academy Home School Network.

   Thousands of local parents have opted for virtual instruction of their children to escape dangers of the COVID, but many don’t know that it means children will spend five or six hours each day in front of a computer screen, with a parent tutor there as well.

“After the first three days of virtual school, parents will seek a better way because even though they work from home, they can’t sit with their kids all day and work, too. That’s where the Excellence Home School Network steps in,” said Roosevelt Wright, Jr. who has assembled a team of educators who will launch a teacher assisted online program not connected with any school system, but each family-based home school will be approved by the state.

The Excellence Home School Network is a federally tax-exempt non-profit organization recognized by the IRS.

    In 2013, Excellence Academy opened the first technology-based public school in our area. It provided online and classroom instruction for students. Ea…


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