For teens, a driver’s license is the ultimate validation

 Valaysia Smith
Teen Editor

A driver’s license is one of the signs or maturity that nearly every teen seeks. Whether we have an automobile or not, the possession of a driver’s license is a sought-after validation for most teens.

  West Monroe has a driving academy that is teaching teens, ages fourteen through seventeen, and of course you have to go to the DMV for your learner’s permit, intermediate license, and driver’s license.

  As a fourteen-year-old, you can take the class but would still have to wait another year to get your learner’s permit.

 Fifteen years can get a learner’s permit which allows them to drive as long as they have a licensed driver is in the vehicle with them who is at least eighteen or older.

  As for sixteen-year-olds, of course, you go into the intermediate license where you can drive around by yourself BUT you have to understand that you have a curfew. 

  I know curfews are a headache. Your parents already have you on a curfew and now driving has a curfew too. It’s a headache, but the cops won’t hesitate to pull you over if they catch you because, well it’s their job. As for the people above who already possess their driver’s license….get outta here, shoo, you’re a big kid now.

  Driving is another responsibility that life hands you and something that teens often forget is that driving is not a right, it’s a privilege. We learn that quickly when we disobey family rules and our parents take our driver’s license or snatch the keys to our little cars and trucks. All we can do is get mad because, at the end of the day, driving is a privilege that gets revoked when we mess up.

Behind the wheel, we should show maturity and common courtesies.

We should also avoid the temptation to text and drive. It’s a safety issue that could mean smashing into other cars or running onto train tracks because we weren’t paying attention. Most smartphones have settings to discourage texting and driving. A good rule we need to follow is no texting, no loud music, and no distractions.

 Congratulations to those who have licenses, but let’s try to be safe behind the wheel.

 For my peeps, let’s resolve to drive and stay alive. Let’s follow the rules and avoid unsafe driving that causes death.

 If your bad driving kills me I’m going to find a way to become a ghost slapper.

  I will slap you from the grave, believe it.