Former Neville teacher pleads guilty

Amos agrees to testify against school and government officials, must register as sex offender, gets supervised probation


Former Neville High School choir teacher Christian Amos appeared before Fourth Judicial District Court Judge Stephens Winters this week. Amos was arrested in March, accused of having “pot parties” with students at home. He was charged with multiple accusations of improper behavior with youth.
The original complaint was filed with the Monroe Police Department in January by the parent of one of the victims. The case was later moved to the custody of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s office as Amos lives outside of the city limits. During the investigation, Amos reportedly testified that Monroe City Schools administrators helped cover up the incident.
On Tuesday, Amos plead guilty to one felony count and five misdemeanors. He attested to the court that he was guilty of distributing marijuana and being engaged in prohibited sexual conduct with students while being an educator.
A sentence of five years at hard labor was deferred and the misdemeanor charges were cleared.
Amos signed a memorandum of understanding that mandates that he “testify truthfully as a witness in any criminal proceeding involving any official, member, and/or employee, contract or otherwise, of the Monroe City School Board and/or City of Monroe for any violations of Louisiana Criminal Law.”
Failure to adhere to the terms of his arrangement with district court could mean additional felony charges of distribution of marijuana, which were cleared as part of his plea arrangement.