Fortnite is very addictive!

By: Cadence Wright

Fortnite is a popular game that allows you fight other online players hoping to be the last player alive. The more you play you unlike cool outfits called skins to keep the game exciting. Epic Games created Fortnite. They also created Infinity, Blade, and Gears of War. Fortnite can be played on mobile, console, and pc. Kids like the game because it’s always upgrading and creating new challenges. The downside of the game is you have to buy V-Bucks to really take advantage of the technology.

Before Fortnite became popular all kids were into Minecraft. Minecraft was cool because you can create anything with the blocks. When Fortnite came out I didn’t know about it at first but I heard all my friends talk about it. I downloaded it to my Xbox to see what it was and I knew instantly I had to learn how to play it. At first Android users couldn’t play it on mobile phones but Apple users could. My dad made me so happy. When he upgraded his Note phone he gave me his old one and Fortnite was available on it. Now that I have Fortnite I really don’t play any other games.

One of the reasons Fortnite is so addictive is because it looks colorful and the animations are very good. It’s even more fun because I can play with my friends online. Most of the time I play with my brother but I also play solo. When you play with multiple people in creative and playground mode you can pick teams. While you’re playing with your friends you can talk to them too through your phone. The game really took mobile gaming technology to another level.

I spend 9 hours on the weekend playing Fortnite and 2 or 3 hours after school. It’s hard not to play because Fortnite has live events that happen while you’re playing the game. If I cut back on playing Fortnite so much I could probably practice more in Basketball. My parents don’t mind me playing the game as long as I keep my grades up and do my chores. Although it’s a game it actually teaches you how to play with a team.

In the game you need Vbucks to dance, wear new skins, for gliders and picaxes. Paying for Vbucks is dangerous for kids because they are expensive and some kids use their parents’ credit cards to buy them. My brother and I were charging $120 per month to our parents’ cards because the game is always adding new things. When they found out about it we both got in trouble and they put pre-paid cards on the game. When there is no more money on the card we can’t buy anything else. I have heard stories of other kids charging thousands of dollars to their parents’ cards. In order to stop the game from charging your card you have to simply take your card off your phone.

You know you’re addicted to something when you think about it 24/7. A lot of grown people are addicted to phones, social media, alcohol, and cigarettes. When a kid is addicted to something, usually it’s a game. Games will cause a kid’s grades to drop and it will make them forget to do the important things they are supposed to do. For most addictions you have to admit you have a friend. I admit. My friends and I probably need to go to Fortnite rehab!