Free Press Ballot endorses Jefferson for Governor

Free Press suggested ballot lists Jefferson for Governor!
October 20, 1999

William J. Jefferson                                             #8
Lt. Governor
Kathleen Blanco                                                # 14
Ken Duncan                                                        #20
Commissioner of Insurance
Jim Brown                                                           #24
Ouachita Sheriff
Chuck Cook                                                         #63
State Representative District 15
Royce Calhoun                                                    #55
State Representative District 16
Kay “Kellogg” Katz                                           #57
Police Juror District D
Daryll F. Berry                                                   #74
Police Juror District F
King Dawson                                                       #76
East Ouachita School Proposition                      “YES”Constitutional Amendments

(1) Legislative Sessions  –AGAINST
A vote for would allow legislators to each introduce five non-fiscal bills in fiscal-only sessions, add 15 days to the fiscal_only session, and allow flexibility in scheduling sessions. A vote against would continue to permit consideration of only fiscal issues in regular legislative sessions in even_numbered years.

(2) Tobacco Trust Fund- FOR
A vote for would put at least 75% of the state’s tobacco settlement payments in a permanent trust fund; dedicate the earnings to TOPS, local school districts and health programs; and spend the other 25% annually on health and education.. A vote against would allow 100% of the payments to be spent each year subject only to statutory dedications.

(3) Biennial State Budgeting-AGAINST
A vote for would give the state the option to adopt a two-year budgeting process in the future if desired by the Legislature. A vote against would maintain the requirement that the state budget on an annual basis.

(4) Supplemental Pay-AGAINST
A vote for would allow supplemental pay for law enforcement officers of state agencies who patrol levees, bridges, waterways and riverfronts. A vote against would continue to provide for payment of such officers exclusively by their agencies according to the state civil service pay plan.

(5) Donation of Surplus Property-FOR
A vote for would allow the donation of movable surplus property among local agencies with public safety functions. A vote against would continue the general prohibition against such donations.

(6) Donation of Asphalt–FOR
A vote for would allow the state to donate asphalt removed from state highways to parish and municipal governing authorities. A vote against would continue to prohibit the state from donating things of value.

(7) Higher Education Funding –FOR
A vote for would prohibit the reduction of state funding for a college or university for four years when a community college begins offering classes in the same or neighboring parish. A vote against would not protect such institutions from budget cuts due to enrollment losses after the 2001-2002 school year.

(8) First-Time Felon Pardons –AGAINST
A vote for would limit the automatic pardon for first_time felons to only people convicted of non-violent or other less serious crimes. A vote against would continue the practice of giving automatic pardons to all first-time offenders regardless of the crime.

(9) North Rapides Parish School District –AGAINST
A vote for would remove from the constitution the authorization for Wards 9, 10, and 11 in Rapides Parish to form its own school district. A vote against would retain in the constitution the authorization for Wards 9, 10, and 11 in Rapides Parish to form a separate school district.

(10) Orleans Blighted Property–FOR
A vote for would expand the property tax assessment freeze program to include officially declared blighted residential property 40 years old or older located anywhere in Orleans Parish that is renovated for residential use. A vote against would continue the current property tax assessment freeze program that applies only to rehabilitated property in a downtown, historic or economic development district.