Gerald “Jerry” Adams recovering at St. Francis

On Monday this past week our brother, Gerald Adams “Jerry” suffered a very serious brain Stroke! He was rushed to St. Francis Hospital and was in a Coma for a day and was on life support. He is now in SICU.

He is not comatose but is in a deep sleep. He sometimes answers questions with a squeeze of his hand, sometimes not. He’s not breathing on his own and has pneumonia. Because of the virus outbreak, no one can visit him at this time but we get updates from the hospital daily.

Keep him in your prayers. I will post updates as we receive them. God bless all of you who are concerned and have called! We are taking this one day at a time and leaning on God’s will!

When he comes out of this and starts cussing we know he’ll be alright!


It looks like Jerry has turned a small corner! He was semi-alert for a bit and shook his head to answer a question from the Dr. He’s still on Oxygen and is still in critical condition but is much better than he was!

Looks like his big head might whip this thing! God ain’t ready for him! Must be something else he needs to do! Praise God!