God always has a master plan for each of us Part 6

Scripture: “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV).
My Friends,
We have varied from our “trek” in order for us to rest and refuel. Now that we are back on track, we will revisit our last encounter. It ended with our cousin’s step-father inappropriately touching me and “Dena” under the pretense of awakening us from sleep in order for us not to be late for school. Finally, God brought his actions to a “halt” by directing me to scream out loud, “keep your hands off us”. Upon hearing me say that, his step-daughter who was preparing his breakfast in our kitchen, became angry and yelled, “let them oversleep and be late for school”. Well, my friends, you would think that would have deterred him from his mission to abuse me. No, he increased his attacks by insisting that I follow him down the stairs to lock the door as he departed for the night. I refused, of course. Our mother eventually gave me a questioning look but, never “opened the door” to ask me why I always refused his requests. He tried another tactic. He wanted to employ me to come to his apartment and wash his dirty socks and handkerchiefs. After I vehemently said “no”, my mother finally asked me why. I just told her “I don’t want to do so”. Even though he and cousin had joined the same church my family attended and resumed their usher duties from our former church in Monroe, he would deliberately leave his post and sit as close to me in the church pew as he possibly could. I started sitting in the middle of my family members. God never allowed him to achieve his goals. I knew “Daddy” would have to return to jail if he found out, so, I concealed it as much as I possibly could, something of which predators are greatly aware.
My friends, our mother”s oldest sister taught all of us these sayings: 1) everyone who smiles is not tickled; 2) everyone who says goodbye is not gone; 3) everyone who’s eyes are closed are not asleep.
Parents and guardians, listen: be careful with your children. Sometimes, we can be too lax and trusting with them in other’s company: 1) Predators, most times, frighten your children into not revealing their filthy actions with them. 2) The greatest predators may be within your own homes; 3) predators are not confined to gender, age, or family position such as mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc. 4) Preachers, church members, teachers, nursery attendants, babysitters, neighbors, playmates, chaperones, family pets, etc. Watch your children’s behavior around certain people. If they desperately shy away from them after having been alone with them for any length of time, examine their personal parts for damages.
I was told that a “gay”man always deliberately volunteered to serve as a school bus chaperone on which rode young men and carried out his sexual agendas with them in the rear of the bus on return trips after most of the riders were asleep.
“Daddy” would never allow us to stay over night with anyone. We cried and “carried on” about his unfairness in our eyes, but, he was right!
God willing, see you on the road next week. Don’t forget to pray for all hurricane victims.

Jacquelyn Simmons