God has been with me through all of my trials

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons


Scripture: Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field. (Matthew 13:44).

One day, while talking to my youngest granddaughter via telephone, I inquired of her as to whether she had been reading the bible I had mailed to her a few years earlier. By that time, she should have been in her early twenties. Her answer to my joy was: “Oh yes, my favorite scripture is Psalm 18:1-6”.

After our conversation, I hurriedly looked it up and became “hooked” on it also. In that Psalm, David is expressing his joy and appreciation to God for finally stopping Saul from chasing him because Saul knew that God had dethroned him and given the throne to David. Saul had been chasing David for many years. David had been given two opportunities to kill Saul, but refused because he respected Saul as his king appointed by God. Most of the rest of the Psalm is a theophany during which God came down from his heavenly throne in person and destroyed all of David’s enemies.

My friends, a portion of the year, 2016, and almost one-half of 2017 found this servant of God being shifted from one health care facility or section to another ten times. But, God was with me in all of them. My trek began in October and ended in May that is, in various facilities. Now the trek is home recovery and God is still with me. I also believe that if I revealed some of my experiences during that time, they might be classified as a best seller. To my astonishment, the day I finally returned home, it was discovered that I had a high fever. I spent approximately one hour at home, an ambulance was called and under my beloved doctor’s order, rushed to the hospital again.

The next day being Easter Sunday, was spent in one of the “ICUs “which gravitated to another “ICU”. I don’t know what “U” the next move was called even though it was though it was in the same hospital (smile). Eventually, I was scheduled to be discharged. Well, my heart was not in agreement. In protest, it chose to overbeat what is classified as normal speed. Of course, that threw my singing, praying doctor and some of the hospital’s staff in combat mode. My doctor stood at the foot of my bed and “barked out” orders to hospital staff members and to my astonishment, they responded in droves. They were manning large, small, tall, low, shiny, etc. machinery at his bidding. The respect they exemplified toward him was sooo awesome until it brought tears to my eyes.

My friends, I can never thank God, him and the capable hospital staff enough. God may not have come in the form of David’s epiphany, but in my opinion, he came in whatever form he chose to do so. And by his grace and mercy, this servant of his is still on this side of the Jordan while approaching eighty-seven years. God said for us to pray for our leaders whether we like them or not.