Growing out of stuff never ends

By: Cadence Wright

As you get older you will grow out of a lot of stuff. I don’t know why it’s like that but that’s just the way it is. You get tired of some of your friends and you have to leave them behind. You grow out of clothes and have to give them away. Sometimes, you just get tired of eating at the same restaurants and you want something different. I can’t explain it but I’m sure everybody knows what I’m saying.

My dad told me when I was a baby they moved to New Orleans because they felt they had grown out of the city where they used to live. He said he didn’t hate the city and will always have love for that city but their opportunities were limited there. When he said it I completely knew what he meant. You start to get tired of doing the same things and you want to do new things. Some cities hardly have anything to do. New Orleans has a lot of cool stuff to do. Dallas has a lot of stuff to do too. We went to Miami and there were a lot of fun things there as well. I understand why people grow out of small towns. There is more to do in bigger cities but you also miss being close to family when you leave the small towns. I guess you win something but lose something. We can’t have it all.

You can also grow out of a home. Because of how my dad likes to work we have lived in 5 homes. I like moving though. Every house we have lived in we have different stories that happened while we were there. Some houses were big and some were small. I like some of the houses because of the size but as the family grows and the neighborhoods change you can grow out of a home. Things don’t stay the same. New neighbors move in and change your neighborhood and it’s not the same like it used to be. So, you move to find something more comfortable.

Lebron James is my favorite player in the NBA. I have a lot of his clothes. I have had a lot of his shirts and shorts. Every year I have to give away those shoes because my feet got bigger. I keep outgrowing shoes every year. I try not to even get attached to the shoes anymore because I already know they aren’t going to last longer than about 6 months before I grow out of them. At least I have a Lebron backpack that I can always keep.

My dad is a preacher. He would say it like this. You have to wait for your next season. We will have those up and down times but those times are helping you grow. You have to go through those up and down times to get to the new season. I don’t mind growing. It just means new stuff is right around the corner.