Hair store sale draws hundreds here

  When a local hair store posted a notice of a giant hair sale on Social Media on Thursday night June 28, 2018, by 5 a.m. the next morning hundreds of people were lined up at the store’s front door with lines that wrapped around the corner.
  The notice was posted by the owners of Hair Galleria on Winnsboro Road announcing a sale of nearly 90 percent. Some hair items were marked as low as 49 cents.
  When they saw the post, customers drove to Monroe from as far away as Shreveport, Arkansas, and Tallulah.
  Many items that cost as much as $150 were marked down to $20. Items that originally sell for $139.00 were marked down to $5.00 or less.
  The sale came as competing Hair Store, Five Star Hair Galleria open on Sterlington Road.