Hard community workers

By: Cadence Wright

There are lots of people in the world. There is a Heavenly Father and there are people who speak his word. Not all people are lazy. Some people go out and do work. Girls think there are no good men in the world. There are some lazy men in the world but I know a lot of hard-working men.

Pastors have a hard job. They have to stay up all night on Saturday nights. My Pawpaw is a hard working man. The weekends are the most stressful days of the week. He is a Boy Scout leader on Saturdays and it takes up his whole day. Then, he wakes up and goes to church the next morning.

My Dad is a Pastor and his whole week is hard. On Sundays he preaches and he goes home to start working again. On the week days he films. He wakes up at 7 and comes home at 8. I wake up at 5:50 to go to school and I come back home at 2:30. I barely get to see him because he is busy during the whole week.

There is a Pastor in New Orleans who has a Mega Church. Pastor Barriere has 3 locations in the same city. Each service is 1 hour and twenty minutes. They have a lot of big events. Every year around Easter he makes a play of how Jesus died on the cross. He also has three smart kids. The church name is Household of Faith.

There are more things pastors do. They have to make sure they’re okay to preach on Sundays and they don’t lose their voice. They have to make hard plans and decisions on behalf of others. Pastors visit the sick and counsel the members when they have a problem. They do a lot more than you think. People need to respect Pastors more and give them a break.