He choked her, did she try to run him over? Both charged

Did she try to kill him or did he try to kill her? They have disputing claims; they both went to jail, but she was charged with attempted murder.

A West Monroe woman and her boyfriend were jailed Sunday after their domestic abuse squabble escalated to an attempted murder charge that will eventually cost both of them time, money and legal troubles for years.

West Monroe police arrested Chaise Dewaun Sanders and her boyfriend Dominck Sutton Sunday after Sutton called the police claiming that Sanders allegedly hit him with her automobile following a domestic dispute.

When officers arrived they heard conflicting testimony. Sutton says he came to his apartment at 907 Parkwood Drive, West Monroe and engaged in a dispute with Sanders. The dispute became physical and he choked her, bit her, and put his knee in her chest as a four-year-old child in the apartment watched.

He says he left the apartment walking on foot and Sanders put the child in the car, revved the engine and proceeded toward him fifty-feet away and knocked him onto the automobile’s wind shied from the backside.

When police discovered that he had a protective order issued earlier this year he was charged with Domestic Abuse battery, second offense and violation of a protective order.

Sanders denied Sutton’s claim. She said when she indicated that she was going to call the police, he called police first to make himself the victim because of the protective order and made up the story about being hit by the car. She said she tried to leave and he jumped on the hood to try to stop her.

However, the officer reported that he “observed marks on the front of Sander’s vehicle and hood. I observed rut tire marks where the suspect ran off the roadway. I observed skid tire marks and furrow tire marks where the victim state he was impacted. I observed a cigarette lighter on the ground where the victim stated he landed onto the ground after being struck by Sander’s vehicle.”

The report said, the “victim stated Sanders yelled to him that she was going to run him over a second time.”

The officer charged Sanders with attempted second-degree murder, domestic abuse battery, child endangerment, and cruelty to a juvenile. She bailed out on $24,000 bond.

Sutton’s bond was $15,000.