Heritage Drama opens Friday at Civic Center

  There will be plenty of action, comedy, and romance when the African American Heritage drama “Miss Lula’s Centennial” opens at the Monroe Civic Center this week.

  The annual drama opens to the public Friday and Saturday nights at the Civic Center at 7:30 p.m.

  Tickets for the performance are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. 


Kelly Morgan rehearses scene as Lula fighting off the Klan

The drama features 75 local singers and dancers and musicians who tell the story of Lula Anderson, a fictional character who lives 100 years in Ouachita Parish and remained faithful to one man for a century.

  Lula, is played by three local actresses: Destiny Thomas, a kindergarten student at Cypress Point Elementary plays Lula at age five when she and her playground friend Tim (Legend James) promised they would love each other for 100 years. 

  Kelly Morgan, a student at Ouachita High, will play Lula from 17 to 60 years old. If this was Hollywood, Morgan would certainly be nominated for an Oscar for her award-winning characterization of Lula Anderson. In some of the performances, Morgan plays both the young and old Lula, which is a real challenge for a 16 year old newcomer to the stage.

  Janice Fleming, an instructor at Carroll High School, plays Lula at age 60 through 100. Fleming is best known for her portrayal of the legendary “Honey Babe” will give audiences another dose of her mesmerizing stage presence.

  Bernestine Wilson will play the Legendary “Mother Patterson” the first female preacher in Monroe. Wilson’s portrayal of the “Sanctified” preacher is electrifying.

  The choreography of Seletta McClinton returns to the big stage in this week’s drama with breathtaking dance routines and an absolutely splendid recreation of the 1980’s AKA Cinderella Ball, complete with gowns and tuxedoes.

The play will recreate Emily P. Robinson’s creation of the AKA Cinderella Ball, complete with Gowns and Tuxedoes.


 Audiences will roar with laughter as Derrick Logwood, Nigel Ford, and Anterrion Cooper play characters based on the Seller’s Brothers’ names: Red, Black and Green. Their attempts to stay young despite the passing of time are hilarious.

 School performances begin Thursday for Monroe students and Friday for students in surrounding parishes.