Hundreds to get free school supplies next week

Are you preparing for back to school but find yourself worried about the cost of school supplies? Don’t worry about it because a big “back to school” giveaway will be held at 3307 Renwick Street on Saturday, July 27th and school supplies will be free.

The Bonekrusher Youth Program is sponsored by Sammy “Bone Krusher” Crawford, a former professional boxer who works with local youth. Crawford is preparing to receive hundreds of youth on the morning of the 27th beginning at 10:00 a.m.

“Many of the local stores are contributing supplies which we will make available to every family while they last,” said Crawford.

“My goal is to help children learn, achieve self-discipline and pursue their dreams,” he said, noting that the packets will include bookbag, paper, notebooks and other supplies needed for back to school.

He said he expects to distribute over 1000 packets at the event.

There is no fee.

Persons who would like to donate are asked to speak with Sammie Crawford at 318-789-6692.