I enjoyed reading The First Blacks in Ouachita

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading this listing and remembering my experiences with 85 of them.

Here are some of my memories:

I enjoyed visiting with Bernadine Adams from time to time when she was teaching at NLU.

My work with the City of Monroe overlapped with Walter Allen, Sr. Mr. Allen was in poor health at the time and missed a lot of work. His son was one of my students at NLU. He was very bright but more interested in girls than in academics.

Augie Augurson was a good tennis player. He and I competed on the tennis courts many times. Augie was also my student and did a great job in my class.

Bennie Ausberry and I never became friends, largely because he spent too much time listening to George Luffey complain about me.

NLU worked hard to recruit Benoit Benjamin but we were not successful. I was told that Benoit’s mother was dating our competitor’s coach.

I worked in City Hall at the same time Jacqueline Benjamin worked there.

I directed many people to Henry Bonner for help with housing. Mr. Bonner was very helpful.

Wayne Broomfield was a very nice man. He wanted to be president of Grambling State University.

Tillman Brown was very helpful when NLU students got in trouble with the law.

I worked with Jimmy Bryant at the City of Monroe. Jimmy would be a good mayor for Monroe.

I spent a lot of time in meetings with Otis Chisley. Otis likes to chair meetings and be in charge.

Robert Clark is sort of quite but very smooth.

I met Betty Ward Cooper when she was a student; on her way to becoming a university teacher.

Judiana Furlough Cotton was a successful beauty pageant contestant at NLU.

Joe Davis was helpful when NLU students got in trouble.

Worked with King Dawson at the City of Monroe. He continues to be my good friend.

I drove Peggy Ellis Jackson to her first employment interview with State Farm Insurance. They hired her and at one time, many years later, she was the highest paid female employee in the company. After she retired, State Farm paid her tuition while she worked on a doctorate.

I helped Audwina Martin get her first job after graduating from NLU.

Harold McCoy was a good man to work with.

Sylvester McKinney was a great athlete at NLU as were several others on this list.

I did not know Sarah McCoy when she was a student at NLU.but we became friends after she graduated.

Clareace Isby came by my office at NLU frequently to thank me for her job.

I helped get Joe Miller on the Board of Directors of the Monroe Chamber of Commerce. He may have been the first AA on the Board. His son was an NLU student.

It was enjoyable to work with Dr. Claude Minor when he was president of the I-20 Economic Development District Board of Directors. Dr. Minor worked hard to protect Mayor Mayo from himself.

I first met Pat Moore when she was an employee of State Farm Insurance. She was always looking for ways to make the community better.

I visited with Sinyale Morrison frequently when she worked at the City of Monroe.

I worked with Ken Newman in several different jobs. He has a deep, mellow voice, made for radio.

Dorothy Pierce was a student at NLU as were many others on the list.

Abe Pierce, III encouraged me to work in Economic Development after I retired from State Farm.

Joe Profit was a great athlete and a good businessman. He could have been successful as a stand-up comedian. He is a great speaker and really funny. He is also a successful politician. Joe has so much talent he can do almost anything.

I enjoyed working with Garland Puckett when I worked for Congress. He was very helpful.

I have known and admired Evelyn Robinson for many years. She is a talented lady.

Joe Ross was an athlete at NLU.

My wife taught John Russell’s son French in grade school.

I signed many paychecks for Pamela Saulsberry at NLU. Never heard any criticism of her performance.

Brenda Shelling was a speech major at NLU. Her speaking was excellent. I wanted her to be a consultant.

I was always favorably impressed with Kenneth Green.

I really enjoyed watching Andrew Harris play basketball at NLU.

Charlotte Henderson is a very effective employee for the City of Monroe.

My friend, Wince Highshaw, has the best job in Ouachita Parish.

I watched, up close, while Lorraine Slacks established the AA Museum.

Judy Smith is my favorite Marshal.

Henry Steel was a great basketball player at NLU. I was his dean. I remember the first time I met him. He was wearing the largest tennis shoes I had ever seen and they were not tied or even laced up.

Anita Whittaker was one of my all-time favorite students. I enjoyed her singing while she was at NLU and maintained contact with her for many years after she graduated.

I am too tired to continue.