I hate reading but I have to do it

By: Cadence Wright

There are school books I already don’t like. Some books are cool and interesting but most of them aren’t. I like it better when the teacher reads it because a few of the words are words I haven’t learned yet. Some of the books on my required reading list sound interesting but a lot of them some boring. Most times the books will at least make good sense.

One of my favorite books is The Egypt Game. This book is about these three kids who build an Egyptian city. They build the city in someone’s backyard. I read a lot of this series when I was in the 6th Grade. The kids in the book always go on adventures and they have to work together in different challenges.

My second favorite book is Hatchet. I also read this book in the 6th Grade. This book is the story of an airplane that crashed in the middle of a forest. It will have you anxious to see what happens next. The pilot had a heart attack and that’s what caused the plane to crash. My favorite part of the book is when the pilot gets kicked by a moose. I couldn’t stop laughing at that part of the book when I read it.

Now, I’m in the 7th Grade and we have started reading our first book of the year. It’s called The Outsiders. Seems like the book has been around for a while because when I tell people I am reading it they say they had to read it too when they were my age. In the book, the kids are divided into groups. It’s always the “Greasers” VS the “Socs”. I haven’t finished the whole book yet.

So, I can’t tell you how the story ends. So far, it is a pretty good story.

I still don’t like books over movies but if I have to read a book I think it should at least be a good book. All books aren’t good but many of them are. I read Comics all the time and some of them aren’t good either. These are some of my favorite books but I do have few more that I like too. I think out of all the books I have ever read in my life, The Egypt Game, is my overall favorite. It made me laugh a lot and it opened my mind too. A good book should make you laugh and it should also make you think.