I want my check!

By: Cadence Wright

I heard people on TV talking about giving Black People reparations. I googled what reparations meant and I was shocked. It said reparations are amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged. Presidential candidates Amy Klobuchar and Marianne Williamson think we should have reparations. I think all Black people should get reparations because all of our ancestors were slaves. It’s never too late to correct yourself and do the right thing. I think it will make Black communities better because we can make more businesses and make more money.

White people had many advantages over Black people. They could vote, own land, and they could also get bank loans. If Black people had the right to vote we could have made laws to protect our community. If we could have owned land we could have grown and sold our own crops. Because we were not considered citizens we couldn’t get loans from a bank. If we could have gotten loans we would have enough money to buy land and start businesses. I think black people found a way to succeed in life because Black people knew how to cook and raise crops but had we been paid for it we would not be so poor in many cities. Black people are still suffering because Black people have dealt with poverty for a long time. Many of us don’t have the money to do things like buy land. I believe Black people should get a check and do what we want with it.

A good way to learn your history is by getting a DNA test. When I took the DNA test I had to spit into a container. My grandpaw sent it to a company called Ancestry.com to do the rest. People can go online and buy a DNA kit. I think they are $75. My results tell me some of my family were slaves in Mississippi. I think this a good way to tell if you’re a descendant of slaves and be qualified to get your check.

If we do get reparations I wonder how we will be paid? If Black people don’t get money in cash I think it will be in a check. There should be rules about what we can spend the money on. Some things should be off limits. People don’t need to waste their money on games. Some grown folks might go to the casino and lose it all. Other people will probably buy hair with it. Black people should be able to use it for what they want or need as long as it’s reasonable.

Even if we are given money I don’t think the money they will give us will make up for all the people who were killed during slavery. Some people were killed during Civil Rights. I don’t believe you can write a check for the value of a person’s life. However, if they are going to write checks it is a good place to help people get over all that has happened to us for hundreds of years.

They could use the money to help build our neighborhoods. They could also give HBCUs the money to give out more scholarships. To me though, giving my money to somebody is not fair. If my great great, great, great, great, grand-daddy was a slave and he was killed he would want me to get my own money and be happy. I think the checks should be at least $50,000 each. If I got that money it would probably be a good idea to save it for college or start me a business but it would be very tempting to get some Vbucks for Fortnite, a mansion, a McLaren P1 and a Lamborghini Veneno. All I know is when I get my reparation check I am going to be happy and I will probably faint when they put the check in my hand!

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  1. Hmmm!!! Black people owned businesses and they’ve owned land. But not understanding anything about running a business and owning a home, caused lots of Blacks to lose it. The problem with Blacks owning anything tangible is, they have to prove to others “they have it going on”. When running a business, you have to pay attention to (A)what the public really needs(B) what will be the outcome(C) how long it takes to make a profit and(D) definitely no ” let me have this for less or on credit”. Owning a business doesn’t make you rich over night. But it can bring success and a comfortable way of living, if handled correctly. All Blacks ancestors were slaves, no doubt about it. But who will get the money? And how much? These are the questions and thoughts that need to be addressed and considered before anything can be done. There are some blacks who will invest in education and maybe buying a home that is affordable. But there will be a lot of Blacks”throwing the money away” on things with no values or no returns(investing) at all. If you’re faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many”. If we can’t handle $100, how are we going to handle $10,000? ijs

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