I was racially profiled and my rights were violated

Dear Editor,

On or about May 11th 2018, I was pulled over by Monroe City Police Department. When the officer walked up to my vehicle, I asked him why did I get pulled over. He stated I failed to use a turn signal, I explained to him I did use my turn signal. On this day Monroe City Police Department and several other agencies were having a clean up street operation, over 125 people were cited and charged with crimes.

He start asking me different questions, so I handed him two joints. After that I was asked to step to the back of my vehicle. After the search, I was given two citations. One for possession of marijuana and another for failure to use a turn signal. I was asked to place my hands behind my back, I asked why. I was told that I had a warrant. I told the officer he had the wrong guy and he was making a mistake. I was placed in his cruiser and transported to OCC. When we made it to the gate he parked and I explained he was making a mistake. He started acting as if he wanted me to give him some information. I kept telling him if he take me in there I wasn’t going to get out until Monday. He finally drove off and took me to an old store and dropped me off about five miles from my car. When I went to court the judge asked me way was I pulled over. I explained he didn’t have a reason to stop my vehicle. Judge Tammie Lee read the police report and she stated I use my turn signal. She dismissed the charges and released me.

This proves I was racially profiled and my rights were violated. Plus the fact he dropped me off in front of people and at this time Monroe, La. was the most dangerous place in America. I could have been killed. I felt like I was in the sixties. The officer also had a partner in the vehicle with him, Law states that if an officer sees another officer committing a crime he should intervene. His partner did not do any of that. I am seeking damages, I would like to sue the two officers and the police department, the chief of police, and the mayor of the city. Also I want everyone fired. If the whole video is shown, you will see several constitutional violations and failure to use a turn signal is their main reason for stopping people in the city. I want to put an end to it. There is an Internal Affairs Investigation ongoing.

Michael Johnson