Issues concerning School Bus and Student Safety

Dear Editor,

My name is not important and I am not looking for any glory out of this, but this issue concerns school buses and student safety, and I feel this issue should be brought to your attention.

I live in the Sterlington area, and I have observed the following to take place near the Middle School: Harvey Ave is the street that passes the Sterlington Manor Apartments located right beside the Middle School. Buses #80, #92, #114 and #375 all drive some parts of this street in the AM picking up students.

In the PM, buses #92 and #375 drop their students off on Harvey Ave at the Sterlington Manor Apartment Complex where they were picked up, but bus #80 on its way to the Middle School from the High School, doesn’t make the right turn from High Ave into Harvey Ave and drop those students off in the Sterlington Manor Apartment Complex where they were picked up at.

Instead bus #80 stops in the middle of the four way intersection on High Ave and Harvey and drop off a number of students. Some walk down the street to the Sterlington Manor Apartments and some walk the opposite direction on Harvey Ave. The bus then drove into the Middle School and picked up some students, left there and went down Frances Ave to Davis Ave. Instead of making a left turn on Davis Ave and dropping those students off at their addresses, the bus stopped in the middle of the four way intersection and let off a number of students. Some went down Davis toward highway 2 and some went toward the energy electric plant.

I deal with a few legal issues, and stopping a school bus in the middle of a four way intersection discharging students don’t seem to be the right way to handle this, nor letting students off the bus in the rain when there is a good paved street that passes their door the bus can drive on.

It was raining February 7th in the PM when this took place and it vexed me to see those kids getting wet as they ran towards those apartments in the rain.
Something needs to be done about this.

A Concerned Citizen