Juanita Woods backs down on opposition to Harvey appointment

City Council Chairlady Juanita Woods ate crow Tuesday night and voted with the council majority to seat Doug Harvey as the council member from District 1.

Harvey was elected without opposition in the November elections. When council member Micheal Echols assumed his position as State Representative, he resigned his council seat, leaving six months in his council term.

Since Harvey was the elected choice of the district, he was seen as the obvious choice to fill out Echols term before beginning his own term in July. However, Woods caused a tidal wave of opposition when she told Harvey that he would not be appointed to fill the seat because the seat should be filled with someone who has an accounting background and had council experience.

That description only fitted one man, Jay Marx, a former city councilman from District 1 who was a strong supporter of Mayor Jamie Mayo.

It became obvious that Woods was trying to stack the council for Mayor Mayo, which didn’t sit too well with the people of District 1. On social media, Rep. Echols publicly challenged Woods for trying to ignore the wishes of the people of District 1.

The immediate response to Echols wasn’t from Woods but from Mayo, who criticized Echols for mischaracterizing Woods action. Mayo is not an Echols fan and has publicly called him a P.O.S., “piece of sh-t.”

The social media backlash to Woods’ position grew like a tidal wave, forcing Woods to post her own video in which she tried to explain that the only reason Harvey was not appointed in the last council meeting was because the request for his appointment had been received on the Friday before the Tuesday meeting after the agenda had been published.

She failed to mention that as chairwoman, she could have added the item to the agenda on Monday without issue. That failing, Harvey could have been added to the agenda on the night of the council meeting with a unanimous vote of the council.

Her video did not address her previous claims that the district needed an accountant and a former councilman.

During her entire term, Woods has “carried the water” for the mayor on a variety of issues, even if it made her look stupid or was against the interest of her own district.

As council chairlady, her objectivity is now questioned, and instead of welcoming a new colleague, she has had to bow to the will of the public and step back in disgrace.

With the Harvey appointment, Mayor Mayo effectively threw her under the bus, again.

Mayo had a label for Echols. He called him a “P.O.S.”

What name will he have for Harvey?

Only time will tell.