Kids don’t have to wait to be rich!

By: Cadence Wright

Most people say they want to be rich “one day”. They assume they have to wait until they are grown to start making money but in America, you can become wealthy even as a kid. Trust me, kids already know what they will do with the money when they get it!

Some kids already know they’ll buy a big house and a cool car. I want to own some of those things too. I’d like a gigantic house in Miami and my favorite car, the McLaren P1. I wouldn’t waste it all but what is the purpose of being rich if you can’t buy a few nice things to enjoy your success? The rewards of working hard are the nice things you get to get once you can afford it.

You don’t have to be 40 to make good money. Kids can start now by selling candy. If you buy the candy wholesale you can get it cheaper. Then, sell it to your friends for a higher price. This way, you get your money back and you make a profit. Kids can mow lawns and rake leaves too. Fall is right around the corner and people will always want to pay somebody to rake their leaves. You can charge $25-$40 per yard. It doesn’t sound like much until you get 10 of those yards a week. Then, it starts being some pretty good money every week. My mother makes cookies and I sell them at school. People love her cookies and I love their money!

Nick D’Aloisio is 20 now but when he was 17 he made $30 million. He made the money by selling Yahoo a smartphone called a Summly for 30 million dollars. When he was 9 years old he made an app on computers. Then when he was 12 he released that app on Apple SDK. It was open to the public so he could make money from it.

Cameron Johnson was 5 years old when he started selling vegetables in his neighborhood. In 1994, he was 9 years old and realized he can start a business from his house. By the time he was 12, he was making more than $50,000 a year. Johnson started many more businesses and he was making more money off of those too. He opened a business call My EZ mail. A couple months went by, and he made $300,000 dollars.

Ashley Qualls in 2005 was 14 when she started a website called The website started in her basement because it was a hobby where she put her pictures and graphics on it. She learned coding and learned how to work the website. She was making millions of dollars just by a website. When she was 23, she turned down an offer of $15 million. I think being at that age making millions of dollars is great!

It takes a lot of discipline and focus to start a business as a kid. You have to sacrifice a lot of your time and work very hard. Not only would you have to do school work but after that, you’d have to do even more work to make your money. Seems like it would be tiring and hard but I guess you would get over being tired real quick when that million-dollar check comes in!