Let’s rename Easter: “Resurrection Day”

By: Cadence Wright

Sunday, I watched an Easter production of Jesus being crucified and carrying the cross.  It was at my church, Household of Faith, in New Orleans. Like most kids, I thought Easter was all about candy and eggs but my parents taught me that Easter means more.

The play was called, The Passion Live In New Orleans. My pastor’s wife organizes it every year and it is phenomenal. It shows how Jesus felt and what He said before He died. My dad was a participant. He said one of the seven last sayings of Jesus on the cross, “Father into your Hands I commend my Spirit.” That means He was ready to die and He knew He was safe.

Different speakers recounted what Jesus said on the cross. Another one I remember is the first thing Jesus said. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” That means Jesus knew the people who were killing Him did not understand the significance of what they were doing. It was all part of the prophecy that had to be fulfilled. They thought they were hurting Jesus. Although they were, they were also doing what Jesus knew had to be done.

On that Sunday we celebrated the Resurrection.  I believe all kids need to take the time to learn about the Resurrection. If Jesus didn’t die we wouldn’t be saved from our sins. If He didn’t rise we wouldn’t get to go to Heaven. Our Pastor went into detail on Sunday during service about how people saw Jesus after he rose from the dead. The Easter story is very interesting and makes you love Jesus, even more, when you can see what He went through to save us. Everybody does not believe that, but I do.

Churches and parents need to find fun ways to teach kids about the Resurrection instead of focusing so much on the eggs, bunnies, and candy.

People call the celebration “Easter.” I think when you learn what it’s really about you can’t just call it Easter. Pastor Barriere said it’s better to say “Happy Resurrection Sunday!” That makes more sense being that it’s really about the Resurrection. It will also remind us what we’re actually celebrating.

A whole lot of grown people need to be reminded too. Many grown people drink, play cards, buy new clothes, and even go to the club on Easter. They see Easter as a holiday and that’s all. What really surprised me was that many adults celebrated Easter and didn’t even go to church.

From now on I will call it Resurrection Sunday. That’s what it’s about and that’s what we should call it.